A Natural Remedy for Dry Eyes That Works A Treat!

by Laura
(Santa Clara, CA)


I've been suffering from dry eyes for maybe 10 years now (I'm in my 50's). My eyes are fine during the day. Sometimes, when I wake up, I have a horrible, unbelievable pain in one eye. It's high up in the eye, not a result of having my eye open. I've seen a couple of eye doctors and both said it was dry eye. Eye drops are no help at all. They are after-the-fact and don't prevent it even if I use them right before bed. I take EFA's. I've tried hot packs over the eyes and castor oil on my eyelids. I recently started a supplement of bilberry & eyebright. This seems to have lessened the severity of the attacks but not ended them.

Any suggestions and home remedies would be much appreciated.


Hi Laura, and thank you for your question regarding natural remedies for dry eyes.

The best natural remedy for treating dry eyes is definitely castor oil. But there are two things about this remedy you need to understand for it to be effective. Number one, the castor oil must go directly into the eyes (two drops in each eye just before bedtime is best) and the castor oil MUST be pharmaceutical grade USP castor oil or organic cold pressed castor oil. These are the only types of castor oil that should be used. Here's one of the best brands on the market, however, you can also get USP or A-grade castor oil from most pharmacies, homeopathic or health food stores.

Castor oil helps with just about any eye problem, including glaucoma and cataracts. And don't be scared off by this remedy either. As long as you use high grade castor oil, you'll be fine. I suggest you take the time to read about people who have been helped by this remedy here... Remedy for Dry Eyes. It's worth it!

Hope this helps you Laura.

All the best,


Troy (Admin)

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Aug 28, 2016
Wet Macular Degeneration
by: Anonymous

Can this oil help with wet macular degeneration?

Aug 30, 2016
by: Troy (Admin)

You can try either organic castor oil or fresh coconut water for wet macular degeneration... Natural Remedy for Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. With the castor oil, transfer a small amount to the lower eye lids with a q-tip (don't put directly into eyes) then close your eyes for 20-30 seconds. Do this at night before going to bed. With the coconut water, I recommend you click on the link above and read the article in full for more information on this, along with purchasing Dr Bruce Fife's ground-breaking book on how to heal eye disorders naturally... Stop Vision Loss Now. It's highly informative and worth the read.

Recent Australian and Italian studies also found the humble saffron spice to be valuable in reversing all forms of macular degeneration. You can read the article here for more information on this... Saffron Cures Macular Degeneration.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and all the best to you.

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