Best Natural Cure for Cancer -- Ewing's Sarcoma...

by Youssef Saddik
(San Diego , CA. USA)


What is the best remedy for Ewing sarcoma? Thank you.


Hello Youssef, and thank you for your question regarding Ewing's sarcoma.

Firstly, the information given here is only my personal opinion and I'm not a doctor. All matters pertaining to your health should be first advised and validated by a health care professional. You should not rely on the information or advice given here as a substitute for professional medical advice, nor should you use any of this information for diagnosis or treatment of any ailment whatsoever (we are required to put this in).

Now with that said, I believe the best natural treatment for this type of bone cancer (the one I would be using if it were me) is most certainly this one... Stunning Natural Cancer Cure. And it can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well.

This natural remedy uses some the most powerful anti-cancer foods and nutrients in existence. And what's also interesting to note here is that the baking soda has been used successfully before to treat and cure cancer that has metastasized to the bones. You can watch Vernon Johnston's video here where he explains how this worked for him after his cancer spread to his bones... pH Kills Cancer.

Make sure you take the time to go through all of the information and click on all of the relevant links to the "Natural Cancer Cure" article for a full understanding of what the protocol is about.

Hope this helps you Youssef.

All the best to you,


Troy (Admin)

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Sep 05, 2016
Confused? Is it Possible that my Husband has Improvement from his Chemotherapy or no Sign of Cancer?
by: Heizel

Hi, I have a question. My husband has skeletal Ewing's Sarcoma and he's already had his 5th cycle of chemo, but I'm amazed because at the time he had the chemo, the next day he didn't vomit or feel nauseous. I asked him how he feels but he said he's fine and feels normal. Sometimes he's even still hungry after finishing his meal. I'm confused? The doctor said he's stage 4.

Sep 06, 2016
by: Troy (Admin)

Hi Heizel. Very hard to comment on this. We are not fans of chemotherapy ourselves (we do agree though that every human being should be free to choose whatever treatment modality they want) so it's probably better that you talk to your doctor about this. Just remember, chemotherapy kills healthy cells as well as cancer cells and significantly lowers the bodies immune response so following a good immune boosting diet and supplementation program would be a good idea.... Stunning Natural Cancer Cure.

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