Best Home Remedies for Depression...

Certain herbs make fantastic natural remedies for depression when combined properly. Here's everything you need to know about these marvels of nature and why you must consider them for treating your depression...

Herbs have a very long and distinguished history as potent home remedies and natural cures. They can help to prevent, treat and even cure just about any disease or ailment in existence.

And depression is certainly one of them!

Herbs contain some very strong nutrients, antioxidants, and what scientists call “hidden factors”, which means there are certain chemicals and properties that haven’t even been identified yet that make them so amazingly beneficial. For depression sufferers, herbs really are of special importance because they help with all types of depression. 

Here are 8 of the best herbal home remedies for depression…

St. John’s Wort: St. John’s Wort is one of the most popular natural remedies for depression (you’ve more than likely already read about it). It has been used successfully for many years by various cultures to treat depression. A recent study found St. John’s Wort to be equally as effective at treating mild to moderate depression as anti-depressant drugs, without the dreaded side effects. It also boosts your energy levels, relieves stress and helps you to sleep better.

You can buy St. John’s Wort in capsule form from most health food stores or from online shops. Take 1 of the 300mg capsules three times per day. You can also grow the herb easily in your garden and make a herbal tea everyday for extra benefit.

Note: St. John’s Wort can interact with prescription drugs so if you are taking any medication for your depression, it’s best to avoid this herb.

Soursop (Graviola, Custard Apple): Soursop is an incredibly effective treatment and home remedy for depression and anxiety. This plant has been used by indigenous populations for thousands of years to stimulate moods and increase feelings of well-being. In fact, it works so well that it has even been referred to as nature’s ultimate anti-depressant!

You can purchase soursop from various outlets. If this fruit is grown in your country of origin then obtaining some will be easy. If not, you can purchase Graviola online, either as a whole fruit, or as a tea or tincture, or in supplement form. Be sure to get lots of soursop into your body everyday by eating, drinking or supplementing with this fruit at least 3 times a day for maximum effect and treatment against depression.

Rhodiola rosea: This plants root contains a sap that is known to boost physical and mental endurance and reduce anxiety and stress symptoms. It benefits depression sufferers by having a mood stimulating effect on the brain. Research compiled and conducted by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov has confirmed that Rhodiola rosea improves memory and attention span, alleviates depression and anxiety levels, and improves physical fitness.

SAMe: This substance is not actually a herb (it’s a combination of adenosine triphosphate and the essential amino acid methionine), but it is still one of the most potent home remedies for depression!

SAMe was discovered by an Italian, G. L. Cantoni, back in 1952 and is so popular in that country, it outsells Prozac for depression. In fact, Europeans have been using SAMe to treat depression for over 20 years… with outstanding success. It’s taken a while for the rest of us to catch up but now SAMe is one of the biggest and well-known natural remedies for depression world-wide.

You can either buy it online - or depending on what country you live in - from most health food stores. Also make sure the tablets you buy are enterically coated, which helps to keep them stable and active.

Maca: A 2006 study found that maca demonstrates powerful “anti depressant activity” in all people when consumed daily. This also makes it another valuable home remedy for depression when used in conjunction with the other recommendations listed here. As a side benefit, you will also find it gives you an increase in energy and stamina, a welcome boost to your immune and adrenal systems, and an enhanced libido just for good measure!

Camu Camu: Famed author and natural health expert, Dr. Gary Null, has listed camu camu as #2 on his list of home remedies for depression. It actually contains some of the highest natural anti-depressant compounds of any plant. The sweet and tangy fruit also contains plenty of valuable nutrients including high levels of vitamin C. This herb is considered to be a “must have” natural remedy for depression.

Ashwagandha: This Indian herb contains adaptogenic compounds. These compounds have been shown to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In fact numerous studies, such as one published in the Phytomedicine journal back in 2000, found that ashwagandha is equally as effective (and safer) at treating anxiety and depression as anti-depressant medication. 

Turmeric: We've already mentioned this one before but it's worth repeating. The active ingredient in turmeric (curcumin) is considered one of top home remedies for depression. A new study published in Phytotherapy Research has confirmed that curcumin works just as well as Prozac for treating depression, without the shocking side effects. Researchers from the Department of Pharmacology at the Government Medical College in Bhavnagar, India, stated after the study that this was "the first clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe modality for treatment in patients with MDD (major depressive disorder) without concurrent suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders." So be sure to add this one to your "natural remedies for depression" arsenal by taking one teaspoon of turmeric daily.


Cannabinoids: Yes, I've saved the best one for last. Now I know cannabis is technically not a herb, but regardless, it is definitely one of the most powerful home remedies for depression yet discovered! 

If you haven't looked into hemp oil or cannabis oil (CBD) to treat your depression then you really need to. Forget about the ridiculous taboo that's associated with the use of cannabis. It's all designed to stop you from using it! And we aren't talking about smoking it to treat depression anyway (although many people that do say it helps tremendously with their depression). What we are primarily talking about here is either making your own cannabis oil and taking it in small doses everyday (which rarely gets you "stoned") or taking CBD oil or drops everyday (which are perfectly legal). CBD doesn't contain the "hallucinogenic" cannabinoids but works just as well as marijuana for treating depression. Here's a reputable supplier if you're interested in looking into this further... RSHO Hemp Oil. It's not cheap, but it definitely works!

To finish off, here's a post we received recently from a lady (name withheld) who has successfully treated her depression with cannabis. Her story is inspiring...

“Cannabis was my life saver - I used to be so very depressed, suicidal every day. Once I started using cannabis I didn't think about it anymore. It's been THREE YEARS since I've thought about killing myself and it's been mind-blowing! When daily for 35+ years one has the same thoughts over and over, then one day they are gone and don't return... it's a miracle. Cannabis has saved my life. It's taken away the physical pain I had and also gives me motivation and allows me to think clearly. Best medicine I've ever taken!”

"Home Remedies for Depression" Final Note: 

For more information on using cannabinoids to treat depression, we suggest you go to Rick Simpsons official website here... and take the time to watch his incredible documentary "Run From the Cure".

It will blow you away! (Pun intended).

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