How I Successfully Treated & Cured My Herpes...

by Jessica
(New Zealand)

Hello. My name is Jessica.

Two years ago I was just your average party loving young woman in her 20's. I was doing well at university and felt like I had my whole life ahead of me.

I met my ex partner through the party scene. We both had a drug addiction, which is what we bonded over.

A few days after we met we slept together. After this I began to feel rather unwell. I had a fever and the glands in my neck were very swollen. Within the next day or two I began to experience a burning, tingling sensation in my downstairs region. Within hours, several sores had appeared which were UNBEARABLY painful. I could hardly walk and howled in pain when I peed. It was horrendous! After rushing myself to the after hours ER the doctor gave me a matter-of-fact visual diagnosis before taking a swab... "mmm definitely looks like herpes to me". I nearly fell off the examination table.

Within a few days my results were back and my diagnosis confirmed.... I had HSV2. I felt angry and betrayed because he had not been honest with me and I had a feeling that he knew he had it based on how he responded when I gave him the news.

Fast forward to a year down the track and I finally broke free of my drug addiction and my extremely toxic relationship, but I felt tainted and overwhelmed now more than ever by this condition. So I sucked it up and decided I would not live like this - despite every person I talked to about it saying that herpes was incurable, once you had it you had it for the rest of your life, blah blah blah. Excuse my french but I knew this was bullshit. Deep down I trusted my body and I wasn't about to let anyone tell me what was and was not possible for me to achieve once I set my mind to it.

I started off by ordering all of the recommended supplements in the Natural Herpes Cure article listed on this website. I organised my own colloidal silver though as I had access to a high strength variety just down the road from my house. Before starting on my supplements, I did a bowel cleanse so that my body could utilise the supplements as effectively and as quickly as possible. I'm not going to sugar coat it, I was overwhelmed at times. I wanted to stop and just get on with my life, but something deep down told me I was getting closer every day and to just suck it up - it wouldn't be forever.

I would eat all organic food, trying to source as much as possible from my own home garden and markets, as well as supplementing from the organics shop. I was taking all of the recommended supplements as well as my own script of liquid herbs that I had made up for me from the health shop which included hypericum, elderberry and astragalus. Each day I would also make a smoothie containing:

*organic banana
*organic cup of mixed frozen berries
*two heaped scoops of wheatgrass
*two heaped scoops of spirullina
*one scoop matcha green tea powder
*chia seeds
*acai powder
*goji berries
*organic coconut water

I didn't eat all raw food, and to be honest I doubt my body could have sustained itself on this diet as I am very, very tiny. I would eat some cooked organic meat and eggs as well as vegetables and pastas made from organic brown rice and lentil flour.

What I did do however is with every meal I would eat a HUGE amount of raw leafy greens and herbs like parsley and coriander (cilantro). And when I say a lot, I mean an enormous bowl full! I would also drink green tea several times a day and filtered alkaline water with lemon in it.

What really started to resonate with me was the importance of listening to my body. Instead of having the mindset of "this is a shit diet - I can't eat whatever I want", start thinking instead about everything you are putting into your mouth and if it has a purpose for your body. Think of nourishment, think of lifestyle and inner health and I promise you will eventually stop craving the rubbish.

For months on end I had a constant 'tingling' sensation and itchiness that never seemed to go away, and I was beginning to find it too much. I'd email Troy in these times and he was so incredibly encouraging. The difficult part for me was that at my end of the world (New Zealand) no blood tests are used to diagnose herpes, therefore I had no way of seeing how well I was doing, which naturally was extremely frustrating for me. Eventually, a few weeks ago I came across an online health website that sends HSV2 blood test kits out from Australia. I sent Troy my results and he said these IgG testing kits and testing procedures were legit and were even approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO), so that was good enough for me. I took the test, 95% sure that it was going to come back positive as I had only been on the detox diet for 8 months and expected I would need at least a year to come back with the results I was hoping for. The results came in... NEGATIVE!

I can't even tell you how overwhelmed I'm still feeling. It honestly hasn't even sunk in yet. But slowly, day by day, I'm learning to stop the obsessive worrying and I'm even starting to enjoy my life again. Being free from this virus is a feeling like no other, I can tell you that.

Please everyone, treat Troy with the utmost respect when requesting information instead of throwing accusations and lashing out. He is providing all of this information free of charge and takes a lot of time out of his life to respond to you the best that he can. I owe Troy my life, and in all honesty he gave me back something that no doctor ever could.

Thank you Troy, I will never be able to repay you for all that you have done for me.

Kind regards, Jessica.

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Sep 12, 2017
by: Troy

Congratulations to you Jessica. You worked really hard, stuck with it when you felt like giving up, and gave it your all, which is why you got the result you were hoping for.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. For those who don't know, Jessica's family is quite well-known in her home country, but in spite of this, she still agreed to share her story (but did not want to reveal her surname, which is understandable). She, like every other herpes sufferer, was/is afraid of the backlash and repercussions that may result if anyone found out.

Just to let everyone know also, I didn't give Jessica any special treatment (I was accused of doing this with Heather). If you need help and you post a question that hasn't already been asked I will answer it. It may take a little while due to the amount of people that are now requesting information about the protocol, but I will do it. I'm 100% committed to helping everyone who genuinely wants it.

Thanks again Jessica, and congrats once again. You should be extremely proud of yourself!

Sep 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

To Jessica. All the ingredients you stated, can you get that at any store to make your drink?


Sep 16, 2017
by: Mike

When I read this a part of my brain says "Wow there is a possible cure" but another part says "it's not possible to get a negative result after once getting this shit".

It's really sad because when you search through Google for "herpes cure" there are soooooo many websites trying to convince you their products can cure you and so on. That's why a lot of people smell scams even if it's an actual working solution!

Jessica, if your result was negative after all, what did your doctor say? What do other doctors say? I mean science is telling us that Herpes is not curable at all!

Thank you for this great sharing!

Sep 18, 2017
Thank u for sharing
by: Anonymous

I have lined up all the ingredients listed but have never found the time to get started. It's never a good time to be healthy. People might think I'm crazy for saying this but I live in a world where "fun" typically means drinks and such. Doubt continually shows up when the idea of not having anymore fun comes into play. Summer is ending in Canada and your post was exactly what I needed to DECIDE to commit and become hsv free. I look forward to posting my own cure report.

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