Natural Cancer Cure... The Almighty Power of Green Tea!

Cancer scientists are extremely excited right now. As far as natural cures for cancer go, green tea has passed every test so far with flying colors. 

Here's why this plant may well be one of the best natural cancer treatments on the planet!

Green tea really is an absolute marvel of nature.

More and more studies are being carried out on this amazing food, and every time the results just keep getting better. It’s currently the hottest and most exciting topic around the health and healing traps.


Because there is now an enormous mountain of data collected from all over the world confirming just how much green tea protects and heals the human body. And recent studies have found it to be especially potent as a natural remedy and treatment for cancer!  

Take a Look at Some of the Incredible Research Results That Have Just Been Released...

The Japanese recently published some outstanding results on green tea, based on findings from the 10 year Ohsaki National Health Insurance Cohort Study. This massive study involved 41,761 Japanese adults aged between 40 and 79 years and is the first of it's kind to overwhelmingly prove the value of green tea as a very real natural treatment for cancer.

In the first study, (published in the September issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology) Dr. Toru Naganuma and his colleagues from Tohoku University School of Medicine discovered that drinking at least 5 cups a day of green tea cut the rate of blood cancers by an astounding 42%, and lymphatic cancer by 48%! What’s more, these big reductions were the same in both men and women as well as people with various body mass sizes.  

Another research team from Tohoku University’s Department of Public Health and Forensic Medicine found another strong link between green tea consumption and it's ability to act as a natural cancer treatment and cure.

Their study, published in the September issue of the Journal Cancer Causes and Control found that the consumption of green tea was associated with the prevention of liver malignancies. The interesting thing was the more green tea that was consumed, the more the risk plummeted. Once again, 5 or more cups a day offered the most protection from liver cancer. 

And a study published in a recent issue of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, found the antioxidants in green tea actually slow tumor growth by binding to a particular protein on tumor cells. This effect was shown to be most beneficial with lung, breast and prostate cancers.

Further studies on natural cancer cures and green tea consumption have also shown that green tea can actually reduce the incidence and size of tumors, by a large degree in many cases.

Breast and Prostate Cancers are the Big Winners With Green Tea...

When it comes to cancer, green tea seems to be at its most potent with breast and prostate cancers.

In Japan and China, where women regularly consume green tea, they have the lowest rates of breast cancer in the world. In fact, breast cancer is almost nonexistent in Japanese women! And Japanese men also have one of the lowest incidences of prostate cancer in the world.

In addition to this, according to a World Health Organization study, the Japanese live the longest out of all the industrialized countries in the world. They have 85% less cardiovascular disease and 85% less cancer than we do, yet they consume 10 times as much salt and cholesterol per day as we do and they are the heaviest smokers in the world.

What’s their secret weapon?

You guessed it… green tea!

Natural Cancer Cure - Green Tea Annihilates Deadly Free Radicals in the Body...

The powerful antioxidants contained in green tea are substances known as polyphenols or catechins (EGCG’s). These substances are a 100 times more potent at scavenging and disarming free radicals than vitamin C or vitamin E.

Remember this… the primary cause of every illness and every disease, including cancer, is free radical damage to our cells and DNA. If we can prevent this harmful process from occurring, then I believe we are at least three quarters of the way there to stopping this deadly disease in its tracks!

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