Home Remedies for Dandruff 

One of the first natural dandruff remedies (and overall good health remedies) you must begin with is curing yourself of all nutritional deficiencies.

And here are the simplest ways to achieve this...

Okay, we admit this is not actually a direct home remedy for dandruff, as such, but the fact is the number one cause of virtually every ailment and disease in the world today is nutritional deficiencies. So if you rectify all nutritional deficiencies in the body then you will not only help to cure your dandruff, you will also help to cure any hidden problems or underlying ailments that you may not even know about!

Home Remedies for Dandruff - Remember the Number "90"...

Our bodies need 90 nutrients every day. The problem is our foods can no longer supply us with these vital nutrients, so we must supplement. Taking a green food supplement such as cereal grass or chlorella, along with a good colloidal mineral supplement (dandruff sufferers also need lots of extra zinc) is a sure fire way to make sure you take in the nutrients your body needs every day.

In our view, this treatment will not only help to cure your dandruff... it’s also a very cheap way to extend your life!

You Really are What You Eat...

It has been shown that eating the wrong type of foods definitely does have a negative impact for dandruff sufferers. Yeast containing foods and beverages such as bread, cheeses, beer and wine, along with any refined and processed foods (cakes, sweets, chips, margarine, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, etc) are the worst culprits. These foods allow toxic yeast fungus to grow and thrive, as well as sucking valuable nutrients from the body.

This one is simple - any food that doesn’t come from out of the ground and off the land should not be eaten!

Foods Dandruff Sufferers Need to Devour!

What you need to be eating more of are high antioxidant foods such as blueberries, goji berries and raspberries, along with herbs such as garlic, rosemary, aloe vera and turmeric. Antioxidants are known to help with many skin conditions including psoriasis and dermatitis. Because dandruff is a form of dermatitis - and closely related to psoriasis - expect them to help you also.

In addition, it’s common for many dandruff sufferers to have food allergies and suffer from food intolerance (caused from low immunity) so eating high antioxidant foods and taking supplements will help to cure this problem as well. If you think that you may have any type of food intolerance or sensitivity then it would be advisable to avoid all foods that contain gluten or wheat and nuts.

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