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One of the most important natural remedies for ADD and home remedies for ADHD is you must rectify all mineral, vitamin and amino acid deficiencies (unless you do this, you will not be able to cure ADD or ADHD behavior).

And here are the two best ways to accomplish this...

The human brain really is one of the true marvels of the human body. No computer in the world even comes close to what our brains are capable of doing. But most people have no idea how the human brain actually works and what's required for it to transmit and decipher the billions of thoughts and messages it receives and sends every day...

Now when you're busy thinking or concentrating, your brain comes to life electrically. It literally becomes a dazzling display of electrical currents, sparks and electrical impulses which basically "light up your brain". There are millions of little "sparks" jumping around from different parts of your brain to other parts, making sure the information that you're giving it is being received and transmitted correctly and reaches the part of the brain that needs that particular bit of information (all in a split second I might add). So what elements (or nutrients) are absolutely crucial for all of these electrical currents to work correctly and in complete unison?

The answer is... minerals!

Minerals and trace minerals are needed for every single biological function of the human body, especially brain function. They are called “the sparks of life” because without them the brain’s circuits don’t work properly and so you end up with neurological disorders and behavioral problems such as ADD and ADHD (remember this, every action in the body must basically be “thought of” by the brain before it can be carried out). Researchers now believe that mineral deficiencies are one of major causes (if not the major cause) of ADD and ADHD. The big dilemma is even if one mineral is missing, it can still cause massive problems. For instance, a deficiency of the trace mineral lithium has been repeatedly linked to behavioral problems such as ADD and ADHD, as well as psychotic and even criminal behavior in adults!

How do We Get the Minerals We Need Everyday?

If you only remember one thing from this article, remember this… there are no longer enough minerals in our food supply today!

Modern farming methods have now stripped our food crops of almost all minerals. Today we are eating nothing but "nutrient dead" foods. What's more, our bodies need a total of 60 minerals everyday, and there's no way on Gods green earth you are going to get even a quarter of them from your diet! 

Whatever You do, Don't Pay Any Attention to the Real "Quacks"!

Yes, the Medical profession will try and convince you that this sort of talk is just a load of rubbish and “you can get all the nutrition you need from your diet”. But this really is the single biggest lie ever to be perpetrated on the human race. Just “Google” US Senate document #264 from the 74th Congress 2nd session or the Australian Parliamentary report titled “The House Hansard” if you want proof. Both reports confirm the shocking truth - our food is no longer nutritious and by eating this “nutrient dead” garbage we are developing an endless variety of diseases and slowly killing ourselves!

So the first thing you must do is make sure you, or your child, get all the minerals your body needs everyday. And the best way (and really the only way) to achieve this is by taking a good liquid colloidal mineral supplement every day. These safe, non toxic supplements contain a highly absorbable supply of all the 60 essential minerals and trace minerals.

Also Take Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Chlorella or Spirulina Supplements Everyday...

These powerful “live foods” contain an amazing and unsurpassed supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and powerful antioxidants. They are essential not just for overall good health and longevity, but for brain health too.

For instance, the amino acid L-Glutamine (also known as “brain fuel”) is absolutely vital for efficient brain functioning and “clear thinking”. It is well known for its ability to raise a person’s IQ level and improve memory recall and learning abilities in adults and children. All of these green foods are rich in L-Glutamine!

And a lack of other crucial nutrients such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, chromium, lithium, B group vitamins, vitamin C, choline, phenylalanine, tyrosine and taurine have also been strongly linked with learning disabilities and hyperactive behavior in children.

Thank goodness, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Chlorella and Spirulina are all incredibly rich in these nutrients as well!

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