Natural Remedy for Circulation - 7 Powerful Herbs!


Is there a natural remedy or treatment for poor circulation in a diabetic that is so bad he's unable to walk?


Hello, and thank you for your question regarding a natural remedy for poor blood flow. You actually need to use more than just one remedy if you want to improve blood circulation, and there are 7 herbs that are excellent for doing this. Thankfully, you can also get a hold of these quite easily.

So here they are in order of importance...

Natural Remedy for Poor Circulation #1... Cayenne Pepper: Taking cayenne pepper daily (1/2-1 teaspoon 3 times a day) is definitely one of the best ways to increase circulation throughout the body fast. This herb is also excellent for heart health and treating type II diabetes.

Home Remedy for Poor Blood Flow #2... Ginger: Another great anti-inflammatory and circulation booster. Use the fresh root in your tea and in your cooking as much as possible for best results.

Natural Treatment for Poor Circulation #3... Ginkgo Biloba: This herb not only helps with memory and brain function, it also dilates and strengthens blood vessels to increase blood flow. You easily buy it in either capsule or powdered form... Ginkgo Biloba Powders & Capsules. For dosage amounts, follow the directions listed on the container.

Natural Cure for Poor Circulation #4... Parsley: Another easy way to increase blood flow in the body is by eating plenty of parsley. Like ginkgo, this herb also opens up the blood vessels so blood flow is increased.

Natural Remedy for Poor Circulation #5... Cinnamon: Cinnamon works amazingly well for treating type II diabetes (with absolutely no side effects!) It's also very good for increasing blood flow throughout the body. 1-2 teaspoons daily is all you need.

Home Remedy for Poor Circulation #6... Turmeric. Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. It's also a great circulation booster and is regularly recommended by natural therapists for increasing blood flow. You can also purchase this spice in either powdered or capsule form... Turmeric Powders & Capsules. You can never really have too much tumeric so be sure to supplement and use it in your cooking as much as possible.

Natural Treatment for Poor Blood Flow #7... Gotu Kola: This herb is a staple of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It can be a little harder to find than the others, but if you can get, it works extremely well for circulation problems. Gotu kola helps to spread open the blood vessels and is also particularly good for memory enhancement. Once again, follow the directions on the side of the bottle for dosage amounts.

So try and incorporate as many of these herbs into your diet as you can (or take them in supplemental form) for best results.

Good luck and all the best to you!



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