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My daughter suffers from Grand mal seizures because of a car accident. They are now under control with medicines but I know the secondary effects of these medicines down the road are really bad. Are there any kind of natural remedies that will work for her?
Thank you.


Hello, and thank you for your question regarding natural remedies for grand mal seizures.

Firstly, yes there are definitely some terrific natural and home remedies for seizures that work extremely well. Here are 6 of the best you might want to consider...

#1. Magnesium and CBD hemp oil: Both of these work astonishingly well for preventing and treating seizures. I did a Q&A on these two remedies not so long ago. You can view it here... Natural Remedies for Epilepsy. I should also note here that CBD cannabis oil is legal (its had the hallucinogenic cannabinoid removed) and is very safe. Finding a reputable supplier though can be tricky. Here's one very well trusted source if you're interested... Life Enthusiast - Real Scientific Hemp Oil. For magnesium, you can also take epsom salts or magnesium chloride internally (yes you can do this). Here's some more information on this protocol... EarthClinic.

#2. Coconut oil: The good fats found in coconut oil are essential for healthy brain functioning and brain glucose metabolism. This oil not only helps with brain disorders such as dementia, it also helps tremendously with epilepsy and seizures. Renowned health expert, Dr Carolyn Dean, is a strong advocate of using coconut oil for preventing seizures (along with magnesium). She recommends starting off with two tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil per day and gradually working up to five tablespoons per day. You can read her full article on this here... Settling Seizures With Natural Remedies.

#3. Valerian, Scullcap or Kava Kava herbs: These three herbs have all reportedly been able to help with reducing seizures as they are powerful relaxants. Valerian is the pick of the bunch with these (this is the herb they use to make Valium with). You can take it in capsule, powdered or tea form.

#4. Bacopa leaf or extract: This herb is native to India and is recommended by Dr Andrew Weil. It's traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for enhancing memory, concentration and learning, along with treating epilepsy. The standard dose is 200-400 mg's a day taken in two or three divided doses. is one of the best stockists for this herb.

#5. Essential fatty acids: A study published in the September 2005 edition of Epilepsy Behavior showed that omega-3 fatty acids could be beneficial in the treatment of seizures. Used in conjunction with coconut oil, this would indeed be a potent mix.

#6. The Ketogenic Diet: Even the Epilepsy Foundation recommends this diet. It's based on a high fat, low protein and low carbohydrate diet. The only part we don't agree with about this diet is where they recommend margarine be eaten. This should be avoided in our opinion. Margarine is nothing but man made toxic gunk! You can read more about the Ketogenic Diet here... The Ketogenic Diet.

So I hope some of these help you, and of course, your daughter.

All the best to you,

Best regards

Troy (Admin)

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