What are the Best Natural Remedies for Endometriosis?


I have endometriosis and I want to know how to prevent and treat this problem with natural or home remedies? Can you help?


Hi, and thank you for your question regarding natural remedies for endometriosis.

The orthodox medical profession have no idea what causes this condition, nor do they have any idea how to treat it effectively (drugs and surgery are essentially useless). Ancient Chinese medicine says endometriosis is primarily caused by a poor functioning liver and hormonal imbalances. Considering this traditional form of medicine has been around and used successfully for thousands of years, I'm going to go with what these guy's say. In fact, a study titled "Chinese Herbal Medicine For Endometriosis", performed at Southampton University, found that Chinese herbal medicine is actually far more effective for treating endometriosis than mainstream treatments. And they come with no horrible side effects either!

So here's some of the best natural way's to fix hormonal imbalances and cleanse and regenerate the liver (thankfully, the liver is one organ that can easily regenerate)...

#1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Apple cider vinegar is a powerful "cure all" health tonic. It's extremely beneficial for endometriosis sufferers because it helps to balance out hormone levels (especially in women) and helps to cleanse and detox the liver. Just make sure the apple cider vinegar you buy is organic and still contains the "mother" apple. Do not buy the cheap, filtered varieties.

#2. Boron: This is one of the most important and crucial nutrients for balancing out hormone levels, especially sex hormones. Boron is also one nutrient that's severely lacking (almost non existent really) from our modern day diets. You can either take liquid ionic boron or use naturally sourced Borax.

Have a read of this article for more information on the effective uses of Borax and why you should consider using it... The borax Conspiracy.

#3. Maca root: Another terrific food for balancing out hormones. This herb is primarily used for treating menopause and menopausal symptoms, but it also works exceptionally well for emdometriosis and the accompanying symptoms.

#4. Milk thistle: The milk thistle herb is the ultimate liver cleanser. Nothing else comes close to the cleansing and detoxing abilities of this plant for the liver. In fact, most, if not all, liver cleansing supplements contain milk thistle.

#6. Selenium: Cow farmer's have been giving selenium to their stocks for years to prevent and treat endometriosis. The reason why? It works! And it also works for humans too. The best source of selenium by far is brewers yeast, which also provides a myriad of other health benefits such as strengthening the immune system and increasing energy levels. In addition, brewers yeast is rich in magnesium, B group vitamins, chromium, iron and zinc (everything all endometriosis sufferers need!)

For more "Do's and Don'ts" to treat your endometriosis successfully, I recommend you have a read of this informative article as well... Curing Endometriosis Through Natural Methods

Hope this helps you.

Good luck and all the best!


Troy (Admin)

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