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Experts Say... The Health Building Properties of the Fo-ti & Ginseng Herbs are Truly Astonishing!
August 03, 2013

Experts Say... "The Awesome Health Building Properties of the Fo-ti and Ginseng Herbs are Almost beyond Belief!

Good morning,

And welcome to our 2nd edition of Life Saving Health Solutions. We apologize for this month’s newsletter being slightly late. We had a few technical issues that needed to be ironed out first but thankfully that has been taken care of. Now I must say, the subscription rate for our newsletter has gone crazy in the last month so our first edition must have been a big hit. We’ve been encouraging all of our subscribers to share our newsletter with their friends and this has been happening in droves, which is fantastic.

Okay, now on with this month’s newsletter, and I’m really excited because I get to talk about two of my all-time favourite herbs, which also happen to be two of the most powerful herbs ever discovered (in my opinion anyway). The Fo-Ti herb (Ho-Shou-Wu) and Ginseng have been used for centuries to prevent and cure diseases. They are also the ultimate “longevity” herbs… as you are about to see.

So let’s start with Fo-Ti…

Fo-Ti Ticks all the Right Boxes...

It is said that the Fo-Ti plant was first discovered by an impotent 58 year old Chinese man who was trapped in mountainous terrain for seven days. The only food he ate was the Fo-Ti herb, later known as Ho-Shou-Wu. He continued to eat the Fo-Ti root when he returned home and developed a strong sexual desire. He went on to father several children past the age of 60, one of which was named Ho-Ven-Shiu. Ho-Ven-Shiu lived to be 160 years of age! His brother, Hisson Ho-Shou-Wu lived to the age of 130 and died with jet black hair. Then a modern Chinese herbalist, Li-Chung-Vun, who drank Fo-Ti and Ginseng every day and sweared by its effectiveness, lived to the ripe old age of 256, was married 24 times and apparently looked like a young man of 50 when he died!

Fo-Ti contains two very powerful anti-tumor agents, emodin and rhein. They help to maintain a person’s youthfulness and contribute to overall good health. Fo-Ti is also a strong tonic to the liver and kidneys. It strengthens the muscles, tendons, bones and nerves and is regularly used in China to treat backache, knee joint pain, traumatic bruising and neurasthenia (a psychological disorder characterized by chronic fatigue and weakness, loss of memory, and generalized aches and pains). Hu-Shou-Wu is well-known to keep a person’s hair their natural colour and stop premature greying, and it really makes a woman fertile!

Fo-Ti is a tonic for the endocrine glands, it improves health, stamina and resistance to disease. It reduces cholesterol because of its lecithin. It is also used for angina pectoris, bloody stools, hypoglycemia, diabetes, night sweating, schizophrenia, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, head injuries, impotence, malaria, sores, cuts, and ringworm. It promotes red blood cells, intestinal peristalsis, and resistance to colds and flu.

Here’s a short list of Fo-Ti’s main benefits…

● Fights arteriosclerosis ● Boosts immunity ● Enhances male fertility ● Alleviates constipation ● Supports healthy cholesterol levels ● Boosts energy levels and relieves exhaustion ● Replenishes sperm ● Treats impotence and erectile dysfunction ● Has Astringent qualities ● Reduces bleeding internally & externally ● Improves Adrenal Function ● Lowers blood pressure ● Increases red blood cell count ● Contains Antibacterial properties ● Supports healthy liver & kidney function

Other benefits of Fo-Ti include: Powerful anti-inflammatory, helps reduce fever, lowers blood sugar, exerts a quieting, soothing or tranquilizing effect.

The Best Way to Take Fo-Ti...

With whatever Fo-Ti you buy, make sure it has been cured in a black bean sauce for extra potency. You can either buy the root or the powder (or buy it in capsules). Simply make it like a tea. The longer you let it sit the better. Just be aware that if you decide to buy the capsules you may come across something called Fo-Ti-Teing. This is not proper Fo-Ti, it’s just a brand name and the potency of this mixture is low so don’t buy it! Only go for certified organic Fo-Ti cured in a black bean sauce.

Ginseng Really Does Put the “Zing” In Your Life!

Now we have ginseng, which is probably the number 1 performance enhancing health supplement on the market today. It’s been well documented for its ability to boost endurance and increase energy. There are two types of ginseng, American and Asian (you may have heard of panax ginseng but this is not actually a ginseng at all).

The reasons why people take ginseng are as follows:

1) It is a great stress fighter, and energizer. 2) It promotes overall health and vitality, and builds up the body's resistance to all forms of disease. 3) It contains aphrodisiac properties, and improves the strength, endurance, and power of a person’s sexual desires. 4) It normalizes immune system functioning and levels and balances the metabolism, also fights fatigue and relieves nervousness. 5) Lowers cholesterol levels, increases oxygenation to the cells and tissues, and regenerates damaged cells. 6) It enhances the feeling of overall well-being, stimulates the nervous system, brain, and heart. 8) It stimulates the mind and heart resulting in vast improvements in thinking, quicker reaction times and improved circulation. 9) It increases athletic performance significantly, makes a person tougher, and better able to engage in sports and related activities. 10) Is good for indigestion, hangovers, and urinary problems, and cools down the bodies system when it begins to overheat. 11) American and Asian ginseng improves quality of life, improves sex life, helps with premature ejaculation, calms a person and makes them happier, and is excellent for heart problems. 12) It reduces the risk of cancer… One study found that with people over the age of 40, those who use American ginseng were approx. 70% less likely to get cancer than non-users, and the more frequently American ginseng was consumed the more the risk plummeted. 13) Ginseng lowers blood sugar levels for people with diabetes (and even for people who don’t have diabetes). Tests have shown ginseng lowered blood sugar levels by 20% in people who have diabetes. 14) It dramatically alters the body's reactions to all forms of stress, thereby reducing the symptoms that usually accompany stress. 15) Slows down the aging process, making you feel younger and filled with vitality. 16) Reduces moderately high blood pressure, raises low blood pressure, improves vision and hearing, and improves sleeping patterns. 17) It allows the body to not overload on stress and the body becomes better at handling stress.

How to Get the Most Out of Ginseng…

There are different ways that you can use ginseng. You can chew on the whole root, or you can slice up the root into smaller bite size pieces, (the root can be sliced quite easily with a knife if you make it softer by throwing it in a steamer for a while), or you can put the powdered ginseng into capsules (or buy them already done from a health food store or online), or you can make a tea from the whole roots or the powder the same as Fo-Ti. The powder can also be used in soups, stews and other slow cooking meals.

Take Fo-Ti and Ginseng Together For the Ultimate Health and Energy Booster.

Dr Li-Chung-Vun (the herbalist dude who lived to be over 250 years of age) was said to have drank Fo-ti and Ginseng together for all of his natural adult life. For reasons still unknown, these two herbs seem to be even more powerful when taken together so make sure you do this. And contrary to what you may have read or heard, there are absolutely no negatives or side effects to taking Fo-ti and Ginseng. I advise you to not listen to the scare mongering rubbish that you hear about when it comes to herbal remedies. This propaganda comes from the medical monopoly and corrupt pharma industry who feel incredibly threatened (because their ridiculous profit-margins are threatened) by any type of natural remedies or cures. Even though herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years, and have been used safely for thousands of years, now, all of a sudden, their toxic and dangerous. It’s all baloney folks!

Woops, I did digress there a bit didn’t I? It’s just that this whole “bias and lies” against natural remedies and cures really gets me fired up so I make no apologies!

This Just In…

Okay, before we go here’s some breaking news!

More studies and reviews have just been released on the amazing Kava herb and boy do they look good. This herb is the ultimate “happy root” (and for all you dirty minded people, that’s not meant to be a joking remark either!). Kava is known to relieve stress, anxiety and panic attacks tremendously. The reason? It contains powerful substances that produce changes in brain waves, similar to what occurs with the drug Valium (but without the terrible side effects and addictive qualities). This natural and supreme calming effect is very noticeable so if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, be sure to give this herb a go.

And finally, “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham has been talking up the benefits of eating seaweed for weight loss lately. It seems he may be on to something as a 2010 study found that eating seaweed can reduce fat absorption in the body by an amazing 75%! There’s also plenty of seaweed to go around so it’s a very sustainable food source. The best types are Kombu, Nori and Arame.

What do we have in Store for Next Month?

Well that ends this month’s life saving health solutions newsletter.Yes I know it’s a bit shorter than our first edition, but unfortunately our technical issues took up a lot of our time. I promise next month will be a lot longer (but just as informative of course!).

So be sure to get your hands on these potent herbs that we’ve just talked about. They really are a must if you want good health and are interested in living a long and active life (rather than just growing old and being stuck in a nursing home waiting to die!).

So next month we are going to be covering some very important health issues, plus, among other things, what I believe is the most important nutrient for your body. The benefits of internal and external supplementation of magnesium are truly astounding. The health benefits and brand new research results that have just been made available about this mineral are going to blow you away so you don’t want to miss it!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our brand new “Expert Interviews” section (click on the link below). You will find powerful interviews with coral calcium expert and author Bob Barefoot, health writer Rob Pell, along with an interview we released just this week with magnesium expert and esteemed author Dr Carolyn Dean. And don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed while you're there!

So until next month, stay safe and all the best,

Yours in health,


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