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Here's Why Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is Natures Best "Cure All"
December 16, 2017

20 Powerful Health Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)...

Greetings everyone, and a warm welcome to our December edition of Life Saving Health Solutions - and a special welcome to all of our new subscribers. Thank you for being a part of our health circle and I sincerely hope you enjoy the information I’ll be sharing with you.

Firstly, I apologize profusely for the long time in between drinks in regards to our newsletter. The last 6 months has been crazy busy for us (been flat out like a lizard drinking!) and we’ve managed to enjoy some big increases in our website traffic as a result of this. Obviously, Google sees us as a trusted site. In fact, 3 months ago we had our site registered and changed over to a secure site (you should now notice the green padlock and “secure” HTTPS displaying in the URL bar). It takes quite a bit of work to get your site approved and you have to jump through various hoops, but we feel it’s been a worthy process. For you, this means you can feel secure when browsing our site and know that hackers and those lousy sods who like to hide dangerous malware or scams behind links and pop-ups cannot get to you. You may not be aware of this but if a website is not secure, it could be infected with dangerous viruses (which is why Google is now pushing all web developers to go secure), so always be careful when surfing the web.

Wow, I did digress there a little bit, but I want to get straight into the “meat” of this newsletter and talk about the new “cure all” supplement kid on the block. Well, maybe it’s not so new but people are just now starting to wake up to the awesome healing power of grapefruit seed extract (not to be confused with grape seed extract). Much of this has to do with the re-circulation of this ground-breaking study…

Oral Citrus Seed Extract in Atopic Eczema on Intestinal Microflor.

Researchers found that grapefruit seed extract (GSE) was highly effective at destroying bacterial and fungal infections in the body - particularly candida (yeast), E-coli and staph – but discovered that it didn’t interfere with or destroy good (healthy) intestinal bacteria. The reason grapefruit seed extract helps with atopic eczema (dermatitis) according to the study is because recurrent bacterial and fungal infections are a major cause of this condition. Researchers also noted that no side effects were experienced by any participants. They also stated that…

“Clinically, a definite improvement of constipation, flatulence, abdominal discomfort and night rest was noticed after 4 weeks of ParaMycrocidin (grapefruit seed extract) intake in all 15 patients”.
Certified clinical nutritionist, Dr Allan Sachs, in his book “The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract” says this about GSE and yeast infections…

“Many holistic physicians, myself included, consider Candida Albicans one of the greatest health challenges to people of the industrialized nations. The broad spectrum, antifungal properties of GSE have made it an important part of successful anti-Candida programs – a fact that has linked the names Candida and Grapefruit Seed Extract. With the help of GSE, thousands of individuals have overcome the multiple effects of Candida”.

So if you or a family member suffer from atopic dermatitis, yeast infections, gas, bloating, constipation or regular upset stomachs (belly aches) then grapefruit seed extract can help. I would also recommend keeping some in the cupboard just in case someone in your home gets a gastro infection and/or E-coli or staph infection. Because of the amount of contamination in our food, water and air, not to mention that much of the food we buy these days is not fresh (which bacteria such as E-coli and staph love), having some grapefruit seed extract at the ready makes perfect sense.

Other health problems that benefit from the use of grapefruit seed extract include…

Travelers Diarrhea – For this use 1 – 2 drops of GSE in a glass of water each day as a preventative treatment while travelling.

Earaches – There are commercially prepared eardrops, which can be found at your local health food store, that contain GSE. Do not use GSE concentrate directly in the ears. Throat Infections – Dilute 2 to 3 drops of GSE in 5 ounces of water and use as a gargle. This will also fight Strep germs.

Sinus Infection – Using a spray atomizer, add a pinch of pink rock salt and two drops of GSE. Shake and spray up the nose. Repeat every four hours. If the solution is too mild, add one or two more drops of the GSE and always shake before use.

Athlete’s Foot – The commercially prepared foot powders, creams, and sprays that contain GSE have been shown to be highly beneficial for athlete’s foot.

Nail fungus – As a nail fungus treatment, simply paint the extract on the infected nails morning and night until you see improvement.

Cellulite Reduction – Use this easy “make at home” cellulite reduction cream…

INGREDIENTS: 30 drops grapefruit essential oil, 1 cup organic coconut oil, Glass Jar.
DIRECTIONS: Mix grapefruit essential oil and organic coconut oil together. Store mixture in glass container. Rub into areas of cellulite for 5 minutes every day.

Obesity (Weight Loss) – Take 10–15 drops of the liquid concentrate in water three times daily. The standard dose for the grapefruit seed extract capsules is between 250 and 500 mg’s daily taken in divided amounts.

Ulcers – Take one 250 mg capsule dissolved in 12 ounces of juice or water with food. If no stomach irritation occurs, increase this to twice daily (total of 500 mg’s) with food. Maximum dose can be increased to 1000 mg’s per day.

Gingivitis – Dilute 5 to 10 drops of GSE in 6 to 8 ounces of water and rinse mouth with solution thoroughly.

Acne – Add a concentration of 1-3% to skin care products (avoid contact with eyes). After cleansing your face, apply 2 to 3 drops of GSE to moistened fingertips and massage gently in circular motions for one minute. Rinse with cool water. Be aware that the bacteria-killing properties and cleansing action may cause a tingling sensation. For internal cleansing, add 10 – 15 drops of GSE to juice three times daily.

AIDS – An increasing number of HIV positive sufferers are improving their immunity and reducing their viral load by using GSE to fight viruses, bacteria, fungi, Candida, and parasites. For these people, it’s best to start with a more diluted concentration so the body can adjust more easily to the detoxification process. Begin with 250 mg’s per day and slowly increase over a period of several weeks until a maximum dosage of 1000 mg’s is reached. Stay with this dose indefinitely.

Cold/Flu – Take 10 – 15 drops, or one 250 mg capsule/tablet, 3-4 times daily at the first signs of a cold or flu. Or mix 50 drops in 1 quart of juice and sip on this throughout the day.

Chronic Fatigue – To build up the immune system, gradually increase the GSE amount to the recommended dosage of 1000 mg’s a day.

Cold Sores – Use 1 – 5 drops in 50 drops of water.

Dandruff – Add a few drops of GSE to your shampoo applications. Wait five minutes before rinsing. Be sure not to get in the eyes as it will sting.

Internal Parasites – Parasites affect the majority of people. They become more of a health problem as travel and contamination of food and water increase. Stay disciplined with 3 to 5 doses of GSE per day (total of 750 to 1250 mg capsules a day taken in divided amounts). Parasite infections that have occurred over a long period of time will take more time to cure so you may need to stay on the grapefruit seed extract for 6 months or more.

Heart Health – The powerful antioxidants in GSE strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and strengthen capillary walls. 500 mg’s daily of the capsules/tablets is what you need. For this to be continually effective, stay on the GSE indefinitely.

Skin Wounds/Cuts - Use 1 – 5 drops in 50 drops of water. Frequent application of this solution to wounds will promote much faster healing.

Grapefruit seed extract can also be used on your pets (it’s safe and works great) and to purify water and clean your fruit and veggies. So you can, and should, use GSE as an all-round antimicrobial treatment, simply because it does destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi so quickly. Best of all, there are no harmful side effects or dangers associated with using grapefruit seed extract. The only “caution” is if you’re taking blood thinning medications such as warfarin (god knows why anyone would take this awful drug in the first place). In this case, it’s recommended that you speak with your health care professional first.

If you happen to have candida or regularly suffer from yeast infections, here’s what Dr Alan Sachs recommends in his book to get rid of it completely…

“... six to eight capsules of a high potency, high quality probiotic containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Garlic and Aloe Vera assist the detoxification process also. Follow the Candida diet… Candida Diet: The Foods & Supplements to Eat (and Avoid) to Treat Candida. Diet and the GSE treatment can begin simultaneously and should continue for at least three to four weeks."

“GSE should be taken between meals. If irritating to the digestive tract, it may be taken with meals or in powder (capsule, tablet) form. Dosages given are for a person of approximately 150 lbs; adjust dosage according to weight."

“Days 1 – 3: 10 drops (50/50 dilution) twice daily in vegetable or diluted fruit juice, or one 125-mg capsule twice daily"

“Days 4 – 10: 15 drops, twice daily or one capsule three times daily"

“Days 11 – 15: 28 drops, three times daily or two capsules, two to three times daily"

“. . . a four week treatment may not be sufficient – longstanding chronic cases may require four to six months of constant vigilance.”

Don’t Believe the Scare Campaign Against Grapefruit Seed Extract

If you a bit of digging and research with Dr Google, you’ll soon come across all of the reasons why grapefruit seed extract is supposedly bad for you and why you should avoid it. Don’t pay attention to any of it! Most of it comes from medical websites ( is one of them. These “Big Pharma” Muppets poo-poo any type of natural or Eastern form of healing). While it’s true that GSE supplements contain diphenol hydroxybenzene (don’t let the fancy name scare you), this chemical is not harmful. Some of the cheap GSE supplements can contain Triclosan and Methylparaben, which are both harmful, however, as long as you stay with the quality brands (which don’t contain these) there is nothing to fear. One recent comment replier put it perfectly…

“There’s no question that there’s an ongoing movement in the US to destroy the reputation of GSE and even replace it with garbage so that people who are new to it think they got something ineffective. It’s a pretty disgusting country we live in. The USDA won’t certify it; you’re damn right they won’t. Haha… I wonder if you guys also trust the CDC and the FDA? They’d also like us to believe apricot pits are toxic, even though the only thing they are toxic to ARE CANCER CELLS. Hmmm, I wonder what this could all mean? Lol. Keep living the lie, friends. Your losses.”

It’s crucial then that you only use a high quality GSE supplement (such as these) and completely avoid the cheaper brands. In fact, this applies to any nutritional supplement you buy. Remember, you get what you pay for. Grapefruit seed extract is incredibly powerful, so definitely don’t pass it up. Personally, I love GSE and how good it makes me feel. I challenge you to give it a try and see how much better you feel (after you get over the initial “detox” phase that is, which usually lasts between 7 and 10 days).

I guarantee you’ll be jumping out of your skin!

Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Health and Longevity…

I get tons of requests from people asking what are the healthiest and best herbs and spices that they should be using in their food - so in reply to this, here’s a list of the top ten, along with a few reasons why you should be having them. I know not everyone will agree with the numbering, however, no one should disagree with the health and healing power of these amazing herbs…

#1… Turmeric : Turmeric should be your number one herb/spice for overall health and longevity. Known as the King of all Spices for its potent natural healing benefits (it's been proven to ease arthritis pain and can help prevent/treat Alzheimer’s disease and cancer), turmeric is a definite “must use” spice. Make sure you always have your turmeric with some ground up black pepper and a healthy fat such as coconut oil for absorbability.

#2… Ginger: This healing root has a strong bite, so it’s best to start off small. A ¼ inch piece is about 1 teaspoon grated and a ½ inch piece is about 2 teaspoons grated. Ginger helps with nausea/upset stomach, gas, and inflammation. We recommend using fresh ginger root in your smoothies. If not, ½ a teaspoon of ginger powder will suffice.

#3… Cinnamon: Cinnamon tastes great in smoothies and is a terrific immunity booster and blood sugar regulator (hence why it’s so good for diabetics). Its warming scent also has a very energizing effect on the mind. ½ to one teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon (not cassia) daily is perfect.

#4… Cilantro: If you’re looking to add a refreshing citrusy flavor to your food or smoothie, try cilantro. This powerful detoxing herb is known for a variety of nutrients, but its ability to bind to harmful heavy metals and drag them out of the body is what makes it another “must have” herb.

#5… Cayenne Pepper or Ground Red Pepper: Ground red pepper or cayenne pepper is insanely potent and adds a spicy kick to a smoothie, so you might want to use it sparingly. It also boosts your circulation, revs up your metabolism, and curbs your appetite. The more you have red pepper the more you get used to its hot flavor. I have a teaspoon of cayenne pepper twice daily. Love it!

#6… Garlic: Garlic is definitely one of the best “cure all” foods on the planet. In fact, there’s not a health problem or illness that can’t be helped with a little garlic. For amazing flavour and to stay healthy, use it in your cooking as much as you can.

#7… Holy Basil (Tulsi): Not to be confused with regular basil or Thai basil, holy basil is considered a sacred herb in India. This herb is terrific for improving immune function and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds. Holy basil has a warm flavor and goes perfectly in green smoothies. If you can’t get a hold of it, drink refreshing holy basil tea instead.

#8… Mint: Mint helps with harmful toxin build-up, which can occur in the stomach and colon when improper digestion takes place. When you’re looking for soothing relief from cramping, bloating, or constipation, mint is the herb you want to add to your diet. Peppermint, in particular, is good for relieving the symptoms of IBS. Use it in smoothies and as a refreshing herbal tea.

#9… Sage: This herb gets its name from the Latin word Salvere, which means "to save." It had a reputation for its powerful healing benefits during the middle ages and was even used to prevent plague infection. Recent research has found that sage may be able to improve brain function and memory, especially in people with Alzheimer's disease. In a 4-month study of 42 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's, sage extract produced significant improvements in brain function in all 42 participants. Other studies have shown that sage can improve memory function in healthy people too, both young and old.

#10… Parsley: Parsley is another herb with a distinctive flavor that can liven up any green salad or healthy vegetable (it’s also great as a garnish sprinkled in soups or on meat such as lamb). In addition to these, added to a smoothie gives your drink a fresh and light herbaceous taste. There are three main filters in the body — the bladder, kidneys, and liver — and parsley assists them all in the detoxification process. This herb specifically targets any build-ups in these organs and helps to flush them out of the body.

So along with using these particular herbs and spices in your cooking as much as possible, be sure to add them to your morning detox smoothie for an energy boost and powerful start to your day. If you aren’t starting your day with a detox smoothie, I highly recommend you do. Here’s plenty of excellent sample recipes that you can use to get started (simply add your herbs and spices to suit)… 70 Awesome Detox Smoothies for Cleansing.

Hope they help!

This Just In…

Man Flue is Real Claims Scientist and it’s all Women’s Fault!

Yes, this is a bit of a funny one. You may have already heard about or read this amusing story. One researcher says that yes, man flu is absolutely real, and he believes men are actually more susceptible to illnesses than women. The urban dictionary defines man flu as “fishing for sympathy” or “chronic exaggeration”, but according to research published in the BMJ Medical Journal, it just might be a real phenomenon.

Several studies show that female mice have higher immune responses than males, which led Dr. Kyle Sue from the University of Newfoundland in Canada to investigate whether male hormones play a role in man flu. Dr Sue reviewed existing studies to find out whether men exaggerate their symptoms or if they’re actually more susceptible to infection than women. What he found was that some evidence did in fact prove this theory. He theorized that gender difference might even have an evolutionary root, however, it’s “certainly not definitive,” he said. Many of the studies he reviewed were non-human studies, meaning, they were either animal or in-vitro studies, which aren’t exactly the best source of evidence. But he did also find some human research that suggests men and women may respond differently to the flue due to their levels of testosterone and estrogen.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) says that sex and gender should be considered in any emerging infectious disease. In fact, the World Health Organization stresses that “there are biological differences between male and female immune systems at every biological level, from cell to organ to organ system to individual as a whole.” And while women aren’t immune to disease, in general, females tend to have a stronger immune response to infection than males, says WHO.

When it comes to antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria, a study from John Hopkins University found that men generally become sicker than women and have a higher risk of lung infection with certain viruses. Some people argue that there’s just way too little evidence to suggest that “man flu” really exists. Yet, there’s definitely enough evidence to support that men may have weaker immune responses to viruses than women. According to Sue, “The concept of man flu, as commonly defined, is potentially unjust. Men may not be exaggerating symptoms but have weaker immune responses to viral respiratory viruses, leading to greater morbidity and mortality than seen in women.”

Personally, I’m not convinced that “man flue” is real. I never get sick so that tells me it’s more about how well you look after yourself, and in particular, keep your immune system strong and up to par, than anything else. At the very least, this latest study and the high level of media coverage it’s received would have certainly made many recent gender work conversations very interesting I would imagine?

Well, that's it for today. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and new year. Stay safe and stay healthy. See you next year!

All the best,




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Today, more than 18 years later, he spends his time constantly researching and staying up-to-date with all of the latest developments happening within the natural health field, along with working as a wellness and fitness coach. He also continues to help as many people as he can to enjoy the benefits of good health and longevity through his natural health website.

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