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WARNING! Health Experts Declare Unless You Take Magnesium & Boron, You Will Die an Early Death!
October 08, 2013

WARNING! Health Experts Declare… Unless You Take These Two Vital Nutrients Every Day, You Will Die an Early Death… Plain and Simple…

Good morning folks,

And welcome to our 3rd edition of Life Saving Health Solutions. I would like to say a special welcome to all of our new subscribers, whom we’ve had a barrage of in the last month!

Now, let’s get straight into this month’s newsletter because we’ve got lots of exciting health news to cover. But first off, here’s why I’m not a big believer in the whole “drugs and disease” propaganda that we are constantly being fed by the medical profession and “all powerful” pharmaceutical companies…

Prescription Drugs Can Really Send You "Nutty" and Push You Over the Edge…

I would like to share with you a very upsetting visit I had a few weeks ago from my old work boss and friend. He was forced to resign from his managerial position around this time last year after having several “nervous breakdowns”. I didn't know until recently that he had been admitted to a mental institution. Once there he was “assessed” and deemed to be suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and of course, was put on some hard core drugs such as the very dangerous Lithium drug.

…Terry turned up at my place on a Wednesday night at about 9 o’clock in the evening. It turns out he had walked out of his house and been missing for over 3 hours. His wife was close to calling the police. I hadn’t actually seen him for nearly a year. The last time I saw him he seemed normal but not this time. He was sweating profusely and crying like a baby. I tried to talk to him and get him to speak but he never said a word. He would only shake his head and look around like he was on another planet. If you’ve ever seen the movie “One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” then that will give you some idea of the zombie state he was in.

So eventually I managed to get hold of his wife. At first she was going to get the “clinic” to come and get him but she decided instead to come herself (she wasn’t sure if he’d even go with her). So she came and took Terry away and it was back to the institution for him. Probably to have even more “medication” pumped into him.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about Terry and the sad state he was in. I couldn’t believe that was the same person I once knew. The fact was he was now worse off after all of the psychic evaluations and drugs being forced into him than before. But the real problem is that now he’s “in the system” it’s going to be very hard for him to break free. And he’s in no state to be able to do it anyway! Plus, his family really believe they are doing “what’s best for Terry”.


I haven’t heard how Terry is going at the moment. I know he’s not working and is now on a disability pension. He’s only 56 years old and all washed up.

What a waste of a perfectly good life!

This story leads me into my main subject of this newsletter, and that’s the amazing power of the mineral magnesium. If Terry was looking after himself in the first place and supplementing with magnesium he wouldn’t be in the state he’s in today.


Because magnesium is vital to the nervous system and has been proven to be crucial for beating depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Once you finish reading about the power of magnesium, you’ll understand why you can never go without this mineral… ever!

If You Only Ever Took One Mineral… Magnesium Would be it!

Our bodies need a total of 60 minerals and trace elements every day for complete health and longevity. This is definitely a large amount, but if you had to pick the most important mineral out of that list, I believe magnesium would be number 1. I used to think that calcium was the most important mineral in the body (it would come a close second), however, after our terrific interview with magnesium expert, Dr. Carolyn Dean, my mind has been changed. In fact, here’s her answer to my question about magnesium and why it’s so important for our health…

Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body hands down! When Random House asked me to write a book on magnesium, back in the late 1990s, I thought it would be difficult to find enough to say about one mineral, but I was quite surprised. I was also amazed to learn that my heart palpitations and charley horse, leg cramps were due to a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a co-factor for the enzyme ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the main source of energy in 100% of cells. It stabilizes membranes and is required for protein production and DNA and RNA production. It’s a co-factor for over 700 and perhaps up to 1,300 enzyme systems, making it the hardest working mineral in the body. Magnesium also regulates the ion channels, determining which minerals - like potassium and calcium - are allowed inside the cells. It’s involved with muscle action and nerve conduction. I used to use the often quoted amount of 325 enzymes being activated by magnesium, but Dr. Andrea Rosenoff has increased that very old estimate to 700-800. To put this in perspective, zinc activates about 200 enzyme systems and calcium only about 50! So you see where magnesium is far ahead of the crowd. I’ve collected about 55 conditions associated with a magnesium deficiency that will blow you away. These include… Acid reflux, Adrenal fatigue, Alzheimer's disease, Angina, Anxiety and panic attacks, Arthritis, Asthma, Arteriosclerosis, Blood clots, Bowel disease, Brain dysfunction, Cholesterol elevation, Cystitis, Depression, Detoxification, Diabetes, Fatigue, Headaches, Heart disease, Hypertension, Hypoglycemia, Inflammation, Insomnia, IBS, Kidney disease, Kidney stones, Migraines, Various Musculoskeletal conditions, Various Nerve problems, Various Ob/Gyn problems, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, Sports injuries, Sports recovery and Tooth decay.

The main problem with magnesium is getting it into the body effectively. I’d been taking a magnesium supplement for many years but was still suffering with muscle cramps, headaches and sore joints from regular exercise. It wasn’t until I discovered magnesium oil spray and began using this that my problems disappeared.

The first few days of using the magnesium spray were very interesting for me. Straight away, I noticed that my food tasted totally different! Yes, I know it sounds bizarre but this is what happened. Obviously, my body was detoxing (I thought I was already “detoxed” as I’ve been eating detoxifying foods and taking detox supplements for about 15 years. Clearly I was wrong!). Because the magnesium spray enters through the pours of the skin, the next best (and quickest) way for the body to get rid of unwanted toxins is through the tongue. This only lasted for a couple of days before my taste buds returned to normal. The big benefit I noticed almost immediately from the magnesium spray was the substantial lift in energy I got. It was very noticeable. Of course, the muscle cramps stopped within a week and my joints were far less sore (I also started taking a heaped teaspoon of turmeric 3 times a day which made a huge difference).

The point I want to make here is that every single person on the planet must take in enough magnesium every day.

It is just as critical as breathing! …It really is.

And this must be done primarily by using a magnesium spray every day. Another beneficial way is to make up your own magnesium/bicarbonate water. Magnesium expert, Dr Marcus Sircus, recommends this along with using a magnesium spray. Here’s a link on how to make up your own magnesium/bicarbonate water using Milk of Magnesia… make magnesium/bicarbonate water And here’s how to make up your own magnesium oil very easily and inexpensively… how to make magnesium oil

Boron is Critical For Stopping Magnesium and Calcium Loss in the Body…

Boron is another mineral that you don’t hear much about. But if you aren’t getting enough boron (and 90% of the population don’t) then the loss of calcium and magnesium from the body is greatly accelerated. This is one of the primary reasons why osteoporosis and arthritis are so prevalent today. Calcium and magnesium are being leached from the bones of most people at a phenomenal rate… all because they aren’t getting enough boron!

Fortunately, this problem is also easy to fix (and it’s so cheap to do it’s almost a joke!). You can simply go to your local supermarket and buy some borax powder and mix it with water to make your own highly concentrated borax supplement. Here’s a “must read” link on exactly how to do this, along with the benefits of why… the borax conspiracy I started on the magnesium spray and borax together about 6 months ago and it has been such a blessing. I honestly feel 20 years younger and I have so much more energy. I can’t say this enough because I used to struggle with my energy levels before, especially at the gym. About half way through my workout I would literally die but not anymore. I find I can train harder and longer now than what I could when I was in my 20’s! (I’m 45 now in case you’re wondering).

So folks, give the magnesium and boron protocol a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

This Just in…

“Magnesium Play’s an Essential Role in the Synthesis and Metabolism of Vitamin D”.

Yep, we’re still on the magnesium bandwagon. And recently reported that recent studies from Vanderbilt University have shown that correct magnesium supplementation greatly enhances the synthesis and metabolism of vitamin D by the body. Of course, vitamin D is absolutely crucial for bone health (and overall good health) so this is even more welcome news for all of us.

Here’s some of what the report said…

High intake of total, dietary or supplemental magnesium was independently associated with significantly reduced risks of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency respectively. Intake of magnesium significantly interacted with intake of vitamin D in relation to risk of both vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency. Additionally, the inverse association between total magnesium intake and vitamin D insufficiency primarily appeared among populations at high risk of vitamin D insufficiency. Furthermore, the associations of serum 25(OH) D with mortality, particularly due to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and colorectal cancer, were modified by magnesium intake, and the inverse associations were primarily present among those with magnesium intake above the median. Our preliminary findings indicate it is possible that magnesium intake alone or its interaction with vitamin D intake may contribute to vitamin D status. The associations between serum 25(OH) D and risk of mortality may be modified by the intake level of magnesium."

Yes I know it’s written in fancy, smancy, road scholar talk but what they are basically saying is that magnesium enhances vitamin D uptake (probably by stimulating and enhancing the vitamin D receptors in our bodies) to give us the extra vitamin D boost that we all need so badly. Of course, we should all be getting out in the sun for at least 30 minutes every day to get our daily quota of vitamin D and supplementing with extra vitamin D3 for added insurance!

Yet Another Benefit of Regular Exercise…

Okay, if you didn’t already know by now, I’m a big fan of regular, daily exercise. And you would have to be living on another planet to not know by now the incredible health benefits associated with staying fit. But here’s the results of a new study that show even a few minutes of daily exercise can make you smarter and more focused, especially kids who suffer with ADHD…

The study was published in the current issue of the Journal of Paediatrics and showed that ADHD kids can focus on tasks more easily and be less distracted after a simple exercise session. Professor of kinesiology, Matthew Pontifex, who led the study said…

“This provides some very early evidence that exercise might be a tool in our non-pharmaceutical treatment of ADHD”. And that… “Maybe our first course of action that we would recommend to developmental psychologists would be to increase children’s physical activity”.

Makes perfect sense to me, although I don’t think “big pharma” would appreciate Matthew’s comments! Actually, it’s no secret that regular exercise makes you smarter. Exercise pumps more oxygen into the brain and releases chemicals known as endorphins, which have a mood stimulating effect.

So the rub is if you want to improve your IQ and beat depression and anxiety attacks… get out and do some daily exercise!

And Finally…

Going out and taking a walk in the woods or bush is very good for our overall health and lowering stress levels according to Dr. Aaron Michelfelder, professor of family medicine at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. He says…

"When we get to nature, our health improves. Our stress hormones rise all day long in our bloodstream and taking even a few moments while walking to reconnect with our inner thoughts and to check in with our body will lower those damaging stress hormones. Walking with our family or friends is also a great way to lower our blood pressure and make us happier. When we walk in a forest or park, our levels of white blood cells increase and it also lowers our pulse rate, blood pressure and level of the stress hormone cortisol”.

This is excellent advice.

The Japanese also found that walking in the woods can actually cure cancer in many people. Plants are known to emit a powerful chemical called phytoncides, which protects them from insects and rotting. When people breathe in this chemical, there is a profound increase in the level of "natural killer" cells, which are part of a person's immune response to cancer.

So if you have cancer it would be advisable to take a long, relaxing walk in the woods once or twice a day. In fact, even if you just want to prevent cancer from occurring (which would be all of us) and live longer it would be advisable to take regular walks in nature and enjoy the positive health benefits!

So What's in Store for Next Month?

Well folks that ends this month’s edition of Life Saving Health Solutions. In next month’s issue we are going to be talking about the astounding healing powers of baking soda. If you aren’t aware of just how incredibly powerful this all-purpose household cleaner is then you won’t want to miss what we have to say about it, along with discussing the recent influx of positive health data that has just been released about baking soda supplementation. Of course, we aren’t going to be talking about baking soda’s benefits around the home (even though there are many and this would be very worthwhile), we are going to be talking about how Bi carb of soda can actually cure cancer (yes it really can!) and how it can treat everything from the common cold to diabetes and kidney disease.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, be sure to check out our “Expert Interviews” section (click on the link below). Our latest interview with vaccine and Autism expert, Mary Tocco, is one not to be missed! And don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed while you're there.

So until next month, be happy and stay safe and healthy.

All the best.

Yours in health,


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