A Natural Cure for Oily Skin That Works Every Time!


I've had oily skin all my life. I'm now in my mid 50's and still breaking out all over my back, and my forehead looks like a shiny bowling ball by the end of the day. I wash my face 1x daily. What natural and home remedies would you suggest?


Most people aren't aware that the main cause of oily skin is actually a poor functioning digestive system.

Even famed doctor, Dr Joseph Mercola, says this and it's 100% true!

When you get your gut working properly your oily skin will just naturally disappear. The first thing I would be doing in my diet is eating lots and lots of fermented and cultured foods. These foods re-balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut, and in turn, get it working in tip top condition.

This one practice alone will make a massive difference!

Here's a good website on how to ferment and culture foods if you're interested... Cultures for Health

You can also take a good quality probiotic supplement as well for an extra supply (your gut can never have enough good bacteria).

Organic apple cider vinegar is also excellent for oily skin. You take it internally and use it on your skin externally for best results.

Have a read of both our Natural Remedies for Cystic Acne and Best Natural Remedies & Home Treatments for Acne & Pimples articles for all the information you need on these treatments, as well as which foods are best for curing oily skin and which are the worst.

Hope this helps,

Good luck and all the best,


Troy (Admin)

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