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Hello Troy, I'm Dawn. My bro David emailed you regarding my breast cancer diagnosis. I'd rather do the alternative route like he said and I have a question about cutting out all sugars from my diet. I've been doing the sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup thing and now I can go onto the wheat grass or barley grass as per the protocol. In the information it talks about cutting out all sugars. Does this include the sugars that are in fruit, or just white and brown sugars?? I'm a bit confused about that part .

One more question is where is the best place to buy the gold standard organic MSM biological sulphur??
We live in the UK.

Kind thoughts for the day to you.

Dawn x


Hi Dawn. Good to hear from you. Hope everything is going well.

Firstly, with the sugar. Yes you really need to cut out all sugars from every part of your diet, including from fruits if possible. The reason? You want the cancer causing microbes to feed exclusively off the "sugars" contained in the honey/maple syrup/molasses and nothing else. This must be done for at least the first 12 weeks before moving onto the prevention protocol (and don't forget to follow the "3 weeks on 3 weeks off" baking soda/wheat grass cycle for the first 12 weeks as well)... Stunning Natural Cancer Cure.

In regards to purchasing the gold standard MSM in the UK, it seems it's not available over there. However, there are still some excellent brands of MSM biological sulphur available from Amazons UK website. Here's the link if you're interested... Amazon.co.uk. You can also find some of them on Ebay... Ebay.co.uk.

Hope this helps you Dawn.

All the best to you,

Best regards


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