A Powerful Natural Arthritis Treatment... 

The incredible potency of wheat grass and green tea as authentic arthritis treatments should not be underestimated.

Here's why you need to add these two important foods to your "home remedies for arthritis" arsenal...

In my opinion, cereal grass (such as wheat grass) and green tea still don’t get anywhere near the recognition they deserve in regards to what diseases and ailments they can prevent, treat and even cure. No man-made drug has even come remotely close, or is even likely to come close, to what these astonishing live foods can do.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis could all be wiped out tomorrow if every person on the planet consumed these foods on a daily basis. Just look at the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese. These people are the biggest consumers of green tea and cereal grasses in the world and they also have some of the lowest rates of these diseases of any countries in the world… especially when it comes to arthritis!

These Are Two of The Most Potent Green Foods on the Planet!

So what exactly makes these green foods such incredible home remedies for arthritis?

Well, there are two primary reasons...

First, they contain two of the most powerful antioxidants yet discovered. Green tea contains the antioxidants, catechins, or EGCG’s, and cereal grasses contain super oxide dismutase (SOD).

These super strength antioxidants have been proven to reduce the pain and swelling for arthritis sufferers, as well as increase joint mobility quite dramatically. In fact, in one study, 253 patients with arthritis were given supplemental SOD every day. Amazingly, 228 of them reported a huge decrease in joint pain and swelling, along with a vast improvement in joint flexibility and mobility!

The second advantage of cereal grasses and green tea for arthritis sufferers is they help to keep your body alkaline. This is one of the most crucial elements to treating and curing arthritis (but one that the medical profession never even considers).

The human body must maintain its correct acid/alkaline balance (pH level) at all times. Your pH goes on a scale from 0 to 14 with 7 being the neutral level (right in the middle). Anything below 7 is acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline.

You absolutely must keep your body alkaline at all times!

But the problem is most people’s pH level remains in an acid state. And rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis thrive in an acidic environment.

They absolutely love it!

But they simply cannot survive when the body is alkaline. In fact, no disease can survive when the body is alkaline. (For more information on how your pH level works and why it’s so important, check out our “natural remedies for gout” and “natural cancer cures” sections).

Home Remedies for Arthritis - You Must Test Your pH Level Everyday!

Testing your pH level is dead easy and only takes about 20 seconds to do. Just buy some testing strips from your local health food store or online and test yourself once a day if possible on an empty stomach. More importantly, make sure you test yourself before you start to follow any of the recommendations listed here so you know exactly where your level is right now. If you’re currently suffering with arthritis then I’d be willing to bet that it’s sitting below a pH of 7!

Be Careful Where You Purchase Your Green Foods From...

Cereal grasses such as wheat and barley grass contain all of the essential vitamins and amino acids, along with many of the essential minerals you need for bone health and arthritis relief including calcium, boron, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium. Always make sure the product you buy is organic and has been grown in mineral rich soils. This is most important.

With your green tea, organically grown is best if you can get it. However, do not purchase any forms of Japanese green tea. Unfortunately, because of the Fukushima disaster, most Japanese green tea is now contaminated (a lot more than what they are telling us) so don’t risk it!

If you do find that you cant handle the taste of green tea, either choose a tea blend, or as a last resort, take supplements.

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