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by Rita
(Malden, MA USA)


I'm am 45 years of age. I have been through the mill with antibiotics, not knowing why I kept getting uti's until an ultrasound while I was pregnant with my daughter revealed it. I started taking probiotics and this summer alone I noticed itchy rashes on my bra line and issues with yeast. So I changed the probiotic with Custom Probiotics, Inc. I cut out dairy, because I realized that the probiotics I was taking for a long time had dairy. I cannot eat fermented foods, because apple cider vinegar bothered me. I also take 1/2 tsp baking soda with 1/2 squeezed lemon juice as a vinegar substitute in water in the am, because I saw on you tube how baking soda is effective. I am only doing the baking soda in the am and only 1/2 tsp. Because I have not been able to find the right medical support, I was unclear on how much and how may times daily. I also would get headaches and shoulder pain with cramps before or during and sometimes after my period. I developed hives on my forearm, but I thought it was due to trimming my rose bushes. I also live in a kind of stressful environment.

Can you give me advice or the correct protocol to guide me in the right direction?


Hi Rita, and thank you for your question regarding yeast infections.

Firstly, Custom Probiotics are excellent quality and very reputable so the fact that you're taking them is definitely a step
in the right direction. We do say in our article on Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections that to successfully treat this problem you need multiple approaches.

This is extremely important.

I suggest you have a read of our article and look to incorporate as many of our recommendations as you can. You say that you cannot eat fermented foods because the ACV bothered you? One alternative may be to take the ACV capsules instead. But you really need to start eating fermented foods! This is an absolute must if you want to get on top of your yeast fungus. You can make your own fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt and kombucha. This website shows you how... Cultures for Health.

The likely reason the apple cider vinegar bothered you is because your body is literally drowning in toxic yeast fungus and the ACV caused you to suffer from something known as Hexheimers reaction (a detoxing condition that usually happens when the body is having a severe "clean out"). The way to lessen the effects of this is to back off on the dosage (start off small and slowly build up).

So the bottom line here is multiple approaches are going to be needed to get yourself healthy again. And it may take a little while, but it's definitely worth it. Once again, have a read of our "yeast infection remedies" article for a complete run down on what to do.

Hope this helps you Rita.

Good luck and all the best,


Troy (Admin)

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