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by Tony Roddy
(Torquay, England)


I had high blood pressure (150/90). On the 19th of December last year I was 15 stone 9 pounds and now I weigh 14 stone 3 pounds. My blood pressure was running at 110/68. I am on herbal supplements including Hawthorn extract 150, 3x daily fish oil capsules and 2000mg of garlic twice Daily. I also drink beetroot juice and plenty of water and have ginger root honey and hot water at night before bed. The foods I eat are fish, salads, jacket potatoes and fruit, yet this morning my blood pressure was 122/68. Tonight it was 121/72. I do not understand why I would get a high reading with all the herbs, exercise and healthy foods I'm eating? I always get a reading in the morning of 130/80 and then it goes down to 110/68.

Any advice? Ideally I would like it down to 110/60.

I also have an under active thyroid and take 125 mg of Thyroxine daily. I was on 150 mg's a day but since losing the weight and change of eating habits, for the first time in over ten years the amount of Thyroxine I'm taking has gone down. So I assume my thyroid is improving. Any advice on my thyroid? Thanks.


Hi Tony, and thanks for your questions regarding your HBP and thyroid.

Firstly, the opinions expressed here are purely my own and you should not take this as medical advice (I'm required to put this in). Please read our disclaimer
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Now, in regards to your blood pressure, the normal reading is 120/80. You are pretty much close to the mark! The one thing you should never actually do is check your blood pressure first thing in the morning. Blood pressure increases when we first wake up due to the body's normal circadian rhythm so at least wait a couple of hours before checking your BP. If your BP's going down around 110/68 then this is good. Also remember that your blood pressure fluctuates alot throughout the day so it's virtually impossible to get a perfect reading anyway. You will only get an "average" reading and yours overall is pretty good in my opinion. You can have a read of this article by Dr Mercola for more information and clarification... How You Can Normalize Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs.

And don't forget to review our articles on the best tips and tricks to lower your blood pressure naturally as well... Best Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure.

In regards to your thyroid, I would suggest you have a read of our article on natural remedies for hypothyroidism here... Home Remedies for Hypothyroidism. You can safely take kelp as well for your low thyroid. What you're doing with your diet and exercise at the moment is definitely helping too.

I actually think you're on the right track Tony and doing really well!

My advice is... keep it up!

All the best to you,


Troy (Admin)

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