Hawthorn Extract Cured my Husbands High Blood Pressure...

by Maureen
(Hermanus, South Africa)

My husband was on high doses (300mg's a day) of the prescription drug Aproval for 20 years for his high blood pressure.

After his eyesight was severely affected and all of the medical tests they did showed that he was no better off from taking this drug, I started him on Hawthorn extract for about a month (monitoring his BP everyday of course).

We started reducing the Aprovel down to half for the week, then down to half every second day, and then finally going with just 3 of the Hawthorn capsules per day.

Four months later, he's on 2 Hawthorn extract capsules a day, his BP is normal, his eyes have improved 80% already, and an all over change to his health has occurred!

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Mar 13, 2017
by: Troy (Admin)

Nice one Maureen! Hawthorn is a terrific herb for heart health and not only works for lowering high blood pressure, but amazingly, it also raises low blood pressure too!

Here's a few studies that prove the benefits of Hawthorn extract for reversing heart disease and its accompanying health problems...

* A four year study on the benefits of hawthorn, commissioned by the German Ministry of Health, found that it improves contractions in the veins and heart while dilating the heart muscle. This increases blood flow in the heart as well as flow speed throughout the body for increased circulation to organs and muscles. Researchers concluded that hawthorn is best used for low heart function, congestion, arrhythmia and tightness in the chest. Even better, no side effects were noted from the use of Hawthorn (Hoffmann 1995).

* In a German clinical trial involving 78 patients with class 2 congestive heart failure, hawthorn leaf and flower increased heart working capacity, lowered blood pressure and improved fatigue and endurance while relieving difficult breathing problems (Schmidt, et. al. 1994). Comparable results from other clinical trials for class 2 as well as class 3 patients have also been reported (Hobbs & Foster 1990).

* In a controlled Chinese clinical trial with 46 patients suffering from angina, a Chinese variety of hawthorn decreased the number of angina attacks by 85% compared to 37% with a placebo (Weilang, et. al. 1984). Other clinical trials have found comparable results with the use of hawthorn extract (Weiss 1988) (Chang & But 1986).

* A German clinical trial with 18 healthy patients found that hawthorn lowered heart rate and blood pressure during exercise, along with maintaining resting heart rate. (Hellenbrecht, et. al. 1990).

* Chinese laboratory and clinical trials reported that hawthorn is able to lower cholesterol and triglycerides by improving excretion (Chang & But 1986). Hawthorn is also reported to increase urination (DJumlija 1994) (Hoffmann 1995), which is often an important modality for heart conditions.

* Laboratory studies suggest that hawthorn's actions on the heart and circulatory system may be created through effects on the central nervous system (Foldi, et. al. 1959). Oxygen levels increase in the heart to provide a better balance of oxygen supply and demand (Lianda, et. al. l984).

For those who are interested in taking hawthorn extract, you can easily buy it in capsule, powdered or liquid forms... High Strength Hawthorn Extract. Dosage recommendations are always listed on the side of the bottle or container.

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