Iodine, Magnesium & Black Pepper Reduce Symptoms of Parkinsons...

by Barry
(Rising Fawn, GA)

My Parkinson's disease is now under control. For years I struggled with this condition and did not even know that I had it. Prescription medications for other health problems only made it worse. I tried so many different things on my own and finally found what worked for me. The only problem was that I was using/taking about 10 different things so I wasn't sure which one(s) were actually doing the job.

I happen to read an article on Healthline that said you should not take iodine internally. I was using this and felt it was helping but I got scared of the iodine after reading this and stopped taking it.

That's when all of my problems got really bad!

I ended up stopping with everything I was taking and all of my Parkinson's symptoms came back with a vengeance. After years of enduring more horrible symptoms, I began experimenting with certain supplements. I also started to realize that professional medical advice can be evil, ignorant and foolish.

So I began experimenting with certain supplements. I finally figured out it was iodine, magnesium and black pepper that were helping me the most.

Iodine is the key. All of the other supplements for me are based around this. Transdermal magnesium oil and magnesium malate is what I also use. I use about an eighth of a cup of magnesium oil four times a day and spray this directly on my skin - especially on my chest, stomach and head.

I drink organic kelp powder mixed in juice twice daily. I also take Lugol's liquid iodine and use it transdermally. I put it on my stomach, testicles and head.

The black pepper I eat in my food. I also have a nebulizer that I put magnesium oil and iodine in diluted with distilled water. I use a nebulizer six times a day, sometimes more.

I found this treatment on my own. In other words, I experimented
with many things and finally had success with these three. It is a miracle remedy, and in my opinion, anybody, especially conventional medical professionals that disregard it are foolish.

I believe strongly that there are a lot of fools and ignorant people out there that will give you the wrong advice. I know because I tried hundreds of things that were fruitless. All prescription medications (excluding natural substances such as prescription ginkgo from Germany, for example) leach nutrients and valuable minerals out of your body. If you have a mineral deficiency or an illness, these will eventually make it worse. That's because you're not really curing anything or getting to the source of the problem. You're only putting a Band-Aid on it. Eventually that Band-Aid breaks or becomes unstuck. In the long run, problems end up much worse when you take prescription medications.

Just like I read in an article on this site, iodine concentrates in the part of the brain that needs it to prevent the symptoms of Parkinson's. For some reason, people with Parkinson's have low iodine in certain parts of their brains. It takes a lot of iodine to get your levels up because iodine is needed in so many places. Every cell and organ needs it for various functions. It is important to remember that if you stop talking iodine, the symptoms of Parkinson's will come back, so you must not stop with it ever.

Today I am going to start playing my guitar again. For years I could not play because of my symptoms of Parkinson's. There is hope. There is treatment. In my opinion, this website is extremely valuable and I agree that matters must be taken to get yourself away from the cult of conventional doctors. Don't get me wrong, they are needed for some things. But overall, when it comes to treating most illnesses, they do more harm than good.

Peace and good luck with your treatment.

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Aug 13, 2018
by: Troy (Admin)

Great story and insight into what's been working for you Barry, so thank you for taking the time to share it all with us. This can, and will, help so many Parkinson's sufferers. Unfortunately, many sufferers don't even realize that there are natural and effective ways to treat the symptoms of PD. Well done to you for persevering and having the courage to experiment and find out what worked best for you.

Thanks again Barry.

All the best to you!

P.S. For anyone who would like more information on natural ways to treat their PD, along with what Barry has just been discussing, here's the link to our full article... Best Natural Cures and Alternative Treatments for Parkinson's Disease.

Hope it helps. :)

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