Lower Cholesterol Naturally... 

Certain foods and herbs have been found to lower cholesterol naturally and efficiently in the blood. The fact is, if you want to cure your high cholesterol then you must be consuming these foods and nutrients on a daily basis... 

Article by Troy Sawyer (Holistic Heath & Wellness Coach/Specialist)

Vitamin K: This vitamin is only now just becoming recognized as a potent cure for atherosclerosis. Latest findings have revealed that vitamin K helps to stop and even reverse deadly plaque from sticking to and building up on arterial walls.

In the journal, Atherosclerosis, they published the results of a study on vitamin K2 (menaquinone) and said it “is associated with reduced coronary calcification” (hardening of the arteries). And “adequate menaquinone intakes could therefore be important to prevent cardiovascular disease”.

Vitamin K is also a very strong anti-cancer nutrient that will kill rogue cancer cells before they can inflict any damage. Best sources are green foods such as cereal grasses and fermented lactobacillus soy products.

Olive Leaf Extract: This is one of nature’s most incredible “cure all” medicines. Not only does it kill virtually every virus and bacterial growth in existence, it is extremely beneficial for the heart and circulation and as a natural cure for high cholesterol.

Olive leaf extract prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol so it can’t attach itself to arterial walls. It is also known to relieve heart arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), increase blood flow to the heart and strengthen the arterial walls.

Italian researchers discovered that olive leaf extract lowers high blood pressure and blood sugar levels in animals, suggesting possible benefits for humans. This is significant considering many sufferers of high cholesterol also suffer from high blood pressure and adult onset diabetes.

Foods That Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally...

Oats: Oats definitely lower cholesterol naturally and bring triglyceride levels down fast, especially LDL (bad) cholesterol. This is mainly due to the fibre it contains. Just keep in mind, the downside to eating fibre is it absorbs nearly everything it comes into contact with. This includes vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids so be sure to take any supplements separate to eating fibre rich foods

Apples: Good old fashioned apples have been used for many years as natural cures for high cholesterol. And they work extremely well. Just make sure you eat one every day and only ever eat organically grown apples that are free of chemicals if you possibly can.

Avocados: Avocados lower cholesterol naturally. They contain healthy monosaturated fats, including a substance called oleic acid. Oleic acid has been repeatedly proven to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels. This makes avocados an ideal natural remedy for high cholesterol.

Dark Greens: Dark green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and broccoli are not only powerful cancer fighters, they are terrific natural cures for high cholesterol. The best dark greens, however, are cereal grasses.

Lecithin: This substance has the ability to break up cholesterol in the blood so it doesn’t lodge on the walls of arteries. You can buy it in supplemental form or simply get it from egg yolks (this is one of the reasons why eating eggs actually helps to lower your cholesterol, not raise it).

Blueberries and Goji Berries: Blueberries and goji berries contain some extremely potent antioxidants, along with vitamin C and bioflavonoids. They are some of the most important anti-cancer foods available. They also play a vital role in heart health and have been repeatedly proven in numerous studies to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

Soy: Unprocessed soy activates enzymes in your body which help to get rid of bad cholesterol. Eat raw soy nuts and rather than using homogenized/pasteurised cow’s milk (which can raise cholesterol), drink soy milk instead.

Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Nuts: Flax and sunflower seeds, along with nuts such as almonds and walnuts are potent natural cures for high cholesterol. You can buy an LSA mix from the supermarket or health food store that contains linseed, sunflower, almond and soy all ground up ready to sprinkle on a salad or mix in your breakfast cereal.

Garlic: Garlic helps fight cancer and enhances immune system function. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels significantly. You can take supplements, but it’s a lot cheaper (and more delicious) to simply add it to your cooking.

Water: Water is one of nature’s best cleaners and eliminators. Drink at least 10 glasses of filtered water every day as it helps to remove excessive cholesterol from the body.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally... Foods You Must Avoid!

The worst and the most deadly foods that contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease are refined and processed foods, hydrogenated oils, fried foods and margarine. Margarine especially is one of the biggest culprits and causes of heart disease…

In the famous Harvard Medical Nurses’ Health Study, published in JAMA, they studied over 90 000 nurses for 20 years and found that the people who used margarine in their diet instead of butter had 75% more cardiovascular disease.

Margarine and fried foods contain trans-fatty acids, free radicals, hydrogenated vegetable oils and lethal cancer-causing chemicals such as heterocyclic-amines. These man-made “disaster foods” are guaranteed to raise cholesterol levels dramatically and should be avoided at all cost!

Other Way's to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally...

Last but not least, the final way to lower your cholesterol simply and easily is with regular, moderate exercise. This one is the standard “must do's” to lower your LDL cholesterol and raise your protective HDL cholesterol.

Just remember not to overdo it.

Exercise is good for you up to a point. If you get to a level where you’re gasping for air (or about to vomit) then you’ve gone too far! The best and least stressful forms of exercise to do are brisk walking and cycling.

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