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Best Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Reversing Psoriasis

Coconut oil is one of the little-known yet very powerful natural cures and home remedies for psoriasis you may not be familiar with. Used in combination with specific herbs, they are considered to be a number one recommendation by this website. Here's why... 

Article by Troy Sawyer (Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach/Specialist)

Updated 14/12/2018

You certainly don’t hear much in the mainstream news about coconut oil these days? But this truly marvellous oil can actually cure just about every ailment known to man… and cheaply too!

Coconut oil is a potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti inflammatory food. It boosts the immune system better than just about any food or liquid in existence (by significantly improving your white blood cell count). These positive traits make it a perfect natural remedy for psoriasis.

Treating Autoimmune Diseases Such as Psoriasis is Easy With a Home Remedy Like This! 

The simple fact is psoriasis is part of the autoimmune disease family. And the three key things you need to do to beat any autoimmune problem is to, first, boost the immune system, then reduce all inflammation - and finally - kill off any bad bacteria, microbes and fungus in the body.

Coconut oil accomplishes all three of these with absolute ease!

And as an added extra to consuming coconut oil every day, you will notice an amazing increase in your energy levels, along with a substantial reduction in weight loss as coconut oil also helps your body to burn up fat for energy!

Psoriasis Remedies - Be Sure to Only Ever Buy the Raw Oil...

It’s important that when you do purchase coconut oil you only ever buy organically grown, raw virgin coconut oil. Whatever you do, never buy processed oils of any kind.

These products are cheap and very nasty.

Be sure to start off small and work up to around 3-4 tablespoons a day (every 3 hours if possible) to get the most out of it. You can also blend coconut oil with melted bees wax and rub it on your skin for extra benefit and relief from your psoriasis.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis - The Remarkable Healing Power of Herbs.

Herbs definitely have a long history of providing health benefits to humans as well as possessing some extraordinary healing powers. Ancient civilizations like the Chinese have been using them for thousands of years. Westerners, however, have been a little slow to embrace herbal therapies (probably because we’ve put so much blind faith in orthodox medicine and pharmaceuticals… what a let-down that's turned out to be!)

Which Herbs are the Best Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Psoriasis?

For psoriasis sufferers, herbs can certainly make a big difference.

For instance, the herb sarsaparilla is a powerful blood purifier and also binds to toxins in the intestines and drags them out of the body.

Milk thistle and gotu kola help to heal the skin and detox the liver (detoxing the liver is also extremely important for getting rid of psoriasis).

Licorice root relieves inflammation and fights allergies.

Other herbs such as rosemary, caynenne pepper, garlic and turmeric are powerful detoxifiers and cleansers and should all be used in your cooking as much as possible. In fact, in regards to turmeric, this spice is considered to be the ultimate anti-inflammatory herb. Take a heaped teaspoon of turmeric washed down with some water twice daily and I guarantee within 6 weeks your psoriasis will look the best it's ever looked!  

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