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I ordered & took all of the products associated with and their program. The main item in the program is CCWS, which is comprised of Lufenuron. I am not sure if this is the correct spelling but after completing the program, which was supposed to clean out the candida, I am still having reactions & am wondering if maybe it depleted my magnesium because everything was supposed to be evacuated through the bowels. But unless I took 8 or 10 oxy powders a day I suffered all of the side effects. It seemed that once I took the oxy powders & my bowels moved, the headaches stopped & the skin conditions went away. Is there any place on your website that tells you how to take your recommended foods and supplements? I would like to not have to take so many vitamins & minerals. I had a brain aneurysm at the end of 2011 & was a candidate for a shunt implant in my head to drain the excess fluid off my brain & into my stomach. Would this condition be caused from not enough minerals in your body? I am 71 years old & am just trying to take care of myself without the aid of drugs.


Hello, and thanks for your enquiry regarding

Firstly, I'd like to say that the thoughts and opinions expressed below are purely my own. I am obliged to say that we always advise people to work in conjunction with a Naturopathic physician for any matters pertaining to their health.

Now, with that said, I will say that I think is a scam. The claims they make about the amount of health problems caused by candida in the body are fairly accurate, but lets be honest, their products are ridiculously expensive! The main ingredient they push is Lufenuron, which certainly does kill candida in the body. But these guys have been repeatedly investigated for supplying the cheap pesticide grade of Lufenuron, not the pharmaceutical grade. And the worst part is they keep setting up different websites and then continue to push the same expensive products. I recommend you have a read of this article from a reputable supplier of Lufenuron. They do a great job of exposing the CandidaCleanser (aka, Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) fraud... Candida Cell Wall Suppressor review: Scam!

To get rid of candida, you really don't need to spend a fortune. Here's some "tried and tested" ways...

#1. Take a good quality
probiotic supplement: By taking a probiotic supplement every day, the "good" bacteria from the probiotics will overtake the "bad" bacteria (candida) and eventually send them packing!

#2. Culture your own foods: Fermented foods are incredibly rich in the beneficial bacteria that suppresses and eventually gets rid of candida fungus. Have a look at this website on some simple (and cheap) ways to culture and ferment your own foods... Cultures for Health.

#3. Take some olive leaf extract (OLE): Olive leaf extract is a very powerful bacterial, viral and fungal killer. Give yourself a 3 month "cleanse" with OLE and you wont believe how much better you'll feel! (And how much more energy you'll have).

#4. Borax: Borax is a dirt cheap way to kill off candida in the body! And don't be put off by this one either. You can now buy safe Borax powder fit for human consumption (you can check it out here). For more information on borax, dosages, and exactly how to use it to kill candida, have a read of this excellent article and pay particular attention to the "Fungi and Fluoride" section... The Borax Conspiracy.

In regards to magnesium, you will most certainly need more (everyone does). A transdermal magnesium oil spray is the best way to get your daily supply. Here's how to use one and make your own at low expense... WellnessMama -- How To Make Your Own Magnesium Oil.

Finally, I would strongly recommend you start taking a good quality colloidal mineral supplement every day. Our bodies need at least 60 minerals every day just to function properly and to prevent disease. They are definitely the most crucial of all the nutrients. Also try and take some colloidal copper as well. Aneurysms are primarily caused from a copper deficiency (see our article on grey hair remedies for more information on this). You can buy any of these supplements from places such as or Ebay. Your local health food store should also stock them or be able to get them in for you. For dosages and recommendations, just follow the directions on the bottle.

So I hope this information manages to help you out. You said at the end of your question that "I am 71 years old & am just trying to take care of myself without the aid of drugs".

You're definitely on the right path with those thoughts so be sure to stick with it!

Good luck to you and all the best,

Warm regards,

Troy (Admin)

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