Natural Remedies for Good Health --- I have "full of air feeling" all the time and upper right side pain under ribs (right on top also very sore)...


Had a gall bladder ultra sound, so that is not causing my problem. I have lumps and soreness under my right rib and upper abdomen that does not go away. It seems worse when sitting; feeling of constant air that keeps me burping but actually sounds like air being let out. My family has had it with me. I'm tired, sore and feeling very sick all the time. I also have terrible menopause symptoms; constant hot flashes all throughout the day and night. I'm 52 years of age. My cholesterol is 280. That is what I was told today. I am 5 ' 4" and weigh 134 lbs.


Hi, and thank you for your question.

From what you've described, you must feel like you're body's falling apart! Fortunately, you can put it back together again, but you are going to have to make some changes and invest some time and money into your health. The only way to fix multiple problems is with multiple approaches. There is no one single remedy.

Normally we would suggest visiting a health care professional first for a complete and accurate diagnosis, but it sounds like you have already done this. Like I said, the poor-health you are experiencing is the result of multiple problems, not just one single problem. This is important to understand. So the only way to fix all of these is by taking a holistic (whole) approach...

Firstly, have a good read of our "home remedies for hot flashes" article here... Home Remedies for Hot Flashes. The
first 4 remedies listed are absolute "must do's" as far as we are concerned. And not only will they help to alleviate your menopausal symptoms tremendously (by balancing out your hormones, etc), they will also help to fix your other health problems as well. It would also be wise to start taking a good quality "green food" such as wheat grass, chlorella or spirulina. Combine one of these with some probiotics for gut health and you will find your symptoms disappearing very quickly. You can purchase all of these from places such as, Ebay or your local health food store. Also take the time to start learning how to culture your own foods for a healthy digestion and healthy gut. You can read more about this crucial process here... Cultures for Health. Remember this... a healthy gut and healthy digestion ='s a healthy body!

Lastly, don't forget to eat healthy. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with using plenty of herbs and spices in your cooking as much as possible is the key. Do not eat any refined or processed foods or junk foods! These foods will only make you feel worse and exacerbate your symptoms.

Will any of this be easy? No it won't! Not to begin with anyway. But once the habit is formed it will become your new way of life. There is no easy way to fix your problems I'm afraid. A big change is needed.

But you can certainly do it!

Hope this helps you. Good luck and all the best.


Troy (Admin)

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