Olive Leaf Extract Cured Me of Cold Sores...

by Megan
(Wales, United Kingdom)

I had been suffering with regular bouts of cold sores on my lips for over 25 years. I caught my first one from a boyfriend and that was it - I had the virus.

To begin with they just seemed to break-out with changes in the weather or seasons. Rain, sunshine and wind were the main culprits. By my late 40's I was getting one every month or so.

I was living in South Africa at the time and someone recommended the aloe vera leaf. It was in my garden, so I gave it a try and it did help to get rid of the cold sores once they started. I found that the sooner I caught them, the quicker the aloe vera juice worked. But it didn't stop me from getting the next one. It was almost as if I could feel a cold sore under the skin permanently, just waiting to burst out. My lips always felt extremely dry, even with regular moisturizing.

By chance, a year or so ago, I was researching 'natural' remedies for rosacea on this website. Olive leaf extract was the recommendation and I tried to find the strongest brand available here in the UK. After further research, I decided to try the Seventh Wave brand of olive leaf extract and took up to six capsules a day for around two weeks.

One night I felt the familiar 'pop' on my lip and I thought, "here comes another one". It never came, and within a few days that 'permanent' feeling I'd had disappeared. The cold sore never eventuated, and I have never had one since then. I still keep my lips regularly protected with Vaseline, but not as much as I used to, and I don't use anything else.

Sadly, I was unable to get anymore OLE from Seventh Wave for quite a while so I never really got the opportunity to properly work on my rosacea and gave up. I need to try again with another intense course - it will take longer I think though. I will definitely try this website's recommended brand if I can get it over here.

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Feb 01, 2018
by: Troy

Yes, the olive leaf extract is definitely powerful and works so well for all forms of the herpes virus.

The trick is to make sure you get a hold of the super strength varieties, like the brand that you used, AND you need to make sure you take a high enough dosage (which you did also). That's why it worked so well for you. A pity you weren't able to continue with the OLE long term though.

Olivus (the brand we recommend) deliver to the UK, or failing this, I think you can order the Seventh Wave Olive Leaf again directly from their website.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us Megan.

All the best to you!

Apr 13, 2019
Spanish olive leaf extract
by: Anonymous

Hi, I found a brand on Amazon from Island nutrition.

It’s a Spanish olive leaf extract with 25% oleuropein and 20% hydroxytyrosol complex as well and it claims to be super strength. Is this one alright?: Real European Olive Leaf Extract.

Apr 15, 2019
by: Troy

Real European olive leaf extract is one of the best on the market. And yes it is definitely high strength so be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

Good luck and all the best!

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