Powerful Way to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally...

by Smartie
(Calgary, Alberta)


In the past 3 years, I have tried very hard to keep alkaline and I have been using the Immunocal - a whey protein isolate that helps your body optimize the production of glutathione, and I have not felt ill all these days. But on the 1st of June, I had a trip and a fall which took me to the hospital emergency and then on checking my blood pressure it read 145/95. Since then it has been high. I asked the question on how to lower it and was told to use a supplement called Cardana, which contains forskohlii. I just found your website which talks about the use of baking soda and ACV. Please can you advise how to use the two of them or advise if they interfere. I have been trying to achieve an alkaline body for a while now. With the hypertension, it seems to me that I never seem to be able to attain an alkaline body status.

Please help.



Hi Smartie, and thank you for your question regarding your HBP.

Firstly, the Immunocal supplement you've been taking is very good and very reputable. I would strongly recommend you continue to use it. The other supplement you mention, Cardana, is an excellent supplement for lowering blood pressure and for overall cardiovascular health. I would also highly recommend this supplement. Do not use it with the baking soda though (the apple cider vinegar is perfectly fine and very safe to take though) as the bi carb may interact with some of the ingredients in the Cardana.

As a final recommendation, find yourself a good quality "green food" such as wheat grass, chlorella or spirulina to take. These are packed full of essential nutrients and are alkalizing foods, which is what you need. In addition, don't underestimate the power of probiotics and a healthy gut for maintaining normal blood pressure (and for overall good health). Here's a website that gives some great tips on how to make your own "probiotic rich" foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and yoghurt... Cultures for Health.

Hope this helps you Smartie.

All the best to you and good luck!


Troy (Admin)

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