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I have very weak nails that constantly break as well as skin that is very easily irritated, breaking out frequently despite my very natural skin care routine and generally healthy diet of avoiding sugar, dairy, and wheat in excess.

I wear minimal to no face make-up on a day to day basis and generally use natural mineral powder whenever possible, so I know it's not caused by cosmetics.

I also get eye infections very often. Sometimes the cause is due to a new make-up product so I've learned to keep my eye make-up minimal and natural, which has helped to minimize the occurrence of infection, however, it hasn't completely eliminated it.

So what are the internal causes of these problems and how can I naturally solve them??

Thank you!


Hello, and thank you for your question regarding natural remedies for skin, nail and eye problems.

Firstly, the main cause of skin and nail problems is a lack of what are known as the "beauty nutrients". Gelatine, silica, biotin, vitamin C and essential fatty acids are all crucial for skin, hair and nail health. If you have unhealthy hair or suffer from excessive hair fall along with skin and nail problems then you are chronically deficient in these nutrients. Although eating healthy is a good start, it's highly unlikely that you will receive enough or high amounts of these nutrients from your diet alone so supplementation is necessary.

This is quite easy to do though.

You can buy a specific "skin, nail and
supplement, take evening primrose oil and a teaspoon of gelatin (you can get this from any supermarket) every day. These all contain the raw materials and nutrients your body needs to grow healthy and strong nails, skin, and hair.

You can also make up your own bone broth, which is another excellent (and dirt cheap) way to receive all of the healthy nutrients your skin and nails need, including collagen. Have a read of our last newsletter where we talk about the incredible health benefits of bone broth, along with tips on how to easily make your own. Here's the link... The Best (And No Cost) Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Joint Health Remedy You’ll Ever Come Across!

For eye infections, the best remedy by far is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a powerful internal and external infection killer. It's best taken internally, just for general good health, but if you happen to get an eye infection, or even some irritation, then a couple of drops of colloidal silver (using an eye dropper) straight into each eye will fix the problem with a few hours! It really does work that quickly and it can be a much needed life saver for virtually any illness (especially food poisoning and stomach upsets).

You can easily purchase colloidal silver from any good health food store or online from places such as Amazon. For internal use, just follow the directions on the bottle.

So hopefully these tips help you out.

Good luck and all the best!


Troy (Admin)

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