Home Remedies for Anxiety and Stress..

Use these powerful home remedies for anxiety and get rid of this dangerous health condition for good. Each of the natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks we list here has a proven track record when followed correctly...

If your one of the millions of people around the world who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks then we have some terrific news for you…

Treating these conditions with home remedies and natural remedies works phenomenally well!

The secret is you have to treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes (holistic approach). We guarantee that when you do, you will feel a level of calmness and empowerment like you’ve never felt before. 

Anxiety is a Real Disorder

Make no mistake; anxiety is a very real and serious problem. It can wear you down fast, even make you sick (literally) and lead to a variety of health problems including chronic fatigue syndrome and severe mental exhaustion. Even worse though is excessive worry and panic attacks can lead to terrible diseases such as cancer and heart disease!

But here’s the dilemma. If you suffer from anxiety, being told that “it’s all in your head” isn’t going to fix the problem or make you feel any better. Even though it may actually be “all in your head” you need real solutions to calm your mind and body, not someone just sitting there telling you you need to sort your crap out (believe it or not this is how some family members actually approach this problem). What’s even worse is when the easy way out (or the sweeping under the carpet method) is adopted and anxiety suffers are put straight on harmful medication to control their nervousness and stress levels.

Unfortunately, this is a sure-fire recipe for disaster!

Home Remedies and Natural Remedies - Not Pharmaceuticals - are the Real Answer to Successfully Treating Anxiety and Panic Attacks...

It’s no secret that pharmaceuticals come with some terrible and shocking side effects, and anti-anxiety medication is amongst the worst (just do a quick Google search on some of the popular anti-anxiety medications, Beta-blockers, etc). Home remedies, on the other hand, come with no side effects and actually work a whole lot better!

So here are some of the most potent home remedies for anxiety you are likely to find. Some you may already know about but others you won’t. We need to stress (pardon the pun) that you must try and use as many of the natural remedies we list (holistic approach remember) rather than just one or a few of them. Even if you’ve already tried using one or a couple of these recommendations before, you must try them again in combination with our full list if possible. This is very important so that you gain the full health benefits and are able to treat your anxiety successfully.

The Top 10 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attacks (in no Particular Order)...

Cannabis Oil: Medical marijuana alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and depression quite dramatically. In fact, there are many doctors out there who are now prescribing this treatment for their patients (in countries or states where they're allowed to that is). Many users report the relaxant effects of cannabis oil is truly remarkable. We do want to make it perfectly clear though that we are not promoting the use of marijuana smoking to treat anxiety. What we are talking about here is the medicinal use of cannabis oil (CBD) and hemp oil through oral ingestion. With this protocol you do not get "high", but you do get the powerful curative benefits of this amazing plant.

If you are interested in pursuing this treatment (which we strongly suggest you do) then we recommend you start by watching this short 50 second video by anxiety expert Dr Allan Frankel. This guy has had tremendous success with his patients using CBD hemp oil to treat anxiety... 

Note: You can purchase hemp oil (CBD) legally in most countries around the world. A CBD product made by Hemp Meds is considered to be one of the best and has an excellent track record for treating anxiety. If you're interested, you can check it out here... RSHO CBD Oil. It's not cheap, but it definitely works! 

Fo-Ti (Ho-Shou-Wu): The Fo-Ti root is one of the most powerful relaxants and natural remedies for anxiety on the planet and is our #2 recommendation! This herb has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to treat a whole range of health problems, including anxiety and insomnia.

By taking Ho-Shou-Wu everyday you will not only feel more relaxed than you’ve ever been and enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time, you will also feel a lot less muscle and joint pain (especially neck, back, shoulder and knee pain) and have truckloads more energy to boot!

Ho-Shou-Wu is probably the most intriguing herb we’ve ever researched here at life-saving-naturalcures-and-naturalremedies. In fact, if you had to pick just one herb to take everyday for overall good health and longevity, this would be it. It’s actually named after the man who first discovered its astounding benefits, Ho Shou, who is reported to have lived to the ripe old age of 130, while one of his children lived to be around 160!

You can either buy Fo-ti in capsule form, or you can buy the root itself and make up your own tea everyday, or you can purchase it in powdered form. The most important thing is to only ever buy varieties that are cured in black bean sauce. These mixes allow for maximum potency and are far superior to all other varieties. You can purchase Fo-Ti online or from most health foods stores, but you will need to check to see what choices are available in your particular country.  

American, Asian and Siberian Ginseng: Ginseng is also one of the most potent home remedies for anxiety you will ever come across and is our #3 pick. But in truth, if you had to compare Ginseng with Fo-Ti, you really wouldn't be able to split them. Both are the ultimate natural remedies for anxiety, and here’s why Ginseng deserves your absolute attention…

Ginseng is considered to be one of the best “adaptogens” in the plant family. This basically means it is able to adapt to and rectify unwanted mental and bodily behaviours. From an anxiety point of view, it’s able to calm and relax even the most uptight and stressed out individual, yet at the same time, give an emotional clarity and clear level of thinking unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! 

It truly is remarkable.

Of course the other major benefit of taking Ginseng is the substantial boost of energy you receive. This is one of the main reasons why athletes regularly use Ginseng. In fact, nothing else comes close to the powerful energy lift you get from this herb (nothing “natural” that is). And the best part about using Ginseng as one of your home remedies for anxiety is there are absolutely no negatives to taking it... only big positives! In addition, it doesn’t interact at all with any medication, foods or other supplements you might be taking.

So there are basically three types of Ginseng you can buy; American, Asian and Siberian (technically, Siberian Ginseng is not actually a true “Ginseng” but we are going to treat it as if it is). Now Herbalists will argue about which one is the best but it all boils down to this…                                            

They all work amazingly well as long as they are organically grown in mineral rich, fertile soils! Siberian Ginseng is the cheapest to buy and Korean Red Ginseng is the most expensive. The easiest way to find out is to try all of the different varieties for yourself. That way, you will know what works best for you (and what works best for your wallet as well!). From all reports, Korean Red Ginseng is “the bomb” of them all so if you can afford it, go with this one first. To find a reputable supplier (whatever you do, don’t get sucked in by the cheaper brands) go online to see what’s available in your area. Amazon is a very good and reliable supplier of ginseng. You can find them here... Amazon.com 

Soursop (Graviola, Custard Apple): Soursop is one of the home remedies for anxiety and panic attacks that we hold in very high regard. This fruit has repeatedly shown in studies to help relieve the effects and symptoms of anxiety and depression. It produces a natural calming effect on the body without the nasty side effects you get from pharmaceuticals. You can either buy soursop as a whole fruit, or you can buy it as a tea (or in a tea mixture), tincture or in supplement form. Consume at least 3 times a day for maximum effect.

Kava Kava: Kava Kava works extremely well for controlling anxiety and insomnia. It’s one of the most popular home remedies for anxiety in Western societies and is regularly used as an alternative to Valium. Research has found it works equally as well as Valium without the addictive side effects. The only down side to Kava Kava is it will knock you out so don’t take it if you are going to be driving or operating machinery. It’s best kept for when you get home at the end of the day or for bedtime.

Valerian: Valerian is also one of the very popular night-time home remedies for anxiety. It contains mild tranquilizing properties that will almost guarantee you will get a good night sleep, but without the dreaded hangover feeling in the morning that you can sometimes get with pharmaceuticals.

St. Johns Wort: This herb is mainly used to treat depression, but it also works for anxiety (because both of these conditions are closely linked). St. Johns Wort inhibits the re-uptake of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, creating a mood stimulating effect and calming affect all at the same time. You can buy St. Johns Wort in capsule form or even grow it in your garden and make a herbal tea.

Passionflower: Used as folk natural remedy for anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia, passionflower has been shown in studies to treat anxiety remarkably well. One study actually found it to be as effective as benzodiazepine drugs, but without the drowsiness. Passionflower helps you to feel emotionally balanced and is especially beneficial if you suffer from exaggerated emotions (you go from very happy to very angry or sad quite quickly). This is one of the most effective home remedies for anxiety and definitely needs to be part of your daily regimen.

Meadow Sweet: The good thing about meadowsweet is it helps to relieve those awful headaches that usually accompany acute anxiety and stress. You can easily buy meadowsweet tea and drink it throughout the day.


Note: With these last five home remedies for anxiety, you will find that you can usually purchase some or most of them in an “all in one” herbal remedy. This can work out to be a lot more cost effective so be sure to check out the combination products first before buying any of them individually. In addition, depending on where you live in the world you may be able to grow most or all of these herbs and plants in your own garden. Also keep in mind that many of these herbs don’t actually work the first or second time around. Usually, you will need about a month before you start to feel the full effects. So be patient! 

Home Remedies for Anxiety - Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Also a "Must"...

It’s no secret that one of the major causes of elevated stress and anxiety levels in people today is actually caused from a lack of the essential nutrients. You simply cannot function properly, physically and emotionally, unless you receive all of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids your body needs everyday to cleanse, repair and regenerate itself.

It’s literally impossible!

And because it’s now been overwhelmingly proven that the food we eat today is practically null and void of nutrients, we absolutely must supplement (and don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise!).

So our “standard” recommendations on this website for receiving the nutrients you need every day are as follows…

Colloidal Minerals:  Your body needs at least 60 minerals everyday for overall good health and longevity. And you aren’t going to get them all from your typical multi vitamin and mineral tablet, or your diet! The most efficient way (and really the only way) is with liquid colloidal mineral supplements. They contain the full spectrum of minerals in a highly absorbable form. They are also rich in magnesium, which has just recently been found in studies to help tremendously with anxiety problems. Check online or at your local health food store for the best brands. In addition, you will need to take extra magnesium to combat anxiety. In fact, magnesium is probably the most underrated and important mineral as far as natural remedies for anxiety are concerned. For this, you can purchase a terrific supplement called Natural Calm. This amazing product has helped thousands of people to control their anxiety and stress levels without the need for any pharmaceuticals whatsoever. We must say, the feedback we've received about this formula has been nothing short of astounding! We really do recommend you look into this further. You can find it here (make sure you also take the time to scroll down and read some of the testimonials about this product as well).

Along with internal supplementation, another highly effective and safe way to get your required daily amount of magnesium is with a magnesium oil body spray. With this, you spray the oil on your body once to twice a day and the magnesium is absorbed straight through the skin so absorption is very high.

Wheat Grass and Barley Grass: These two amazing foods are excellent home remedies for anxiety and stress. They contain the full amount of essential vitamins and amino acids, along with many of the essential minerals and fatty acids (in a highly absorbable form also). The B group vitamins, in particular, are very important for the nervous system and mood regulation. Wheat and barley grass are incredibly rich in these nutrients. Once again, check with your local health food store or online to find the best brands. When you do, make sure they are organic and grown in mineral rich soils.

Fish Oil: Fish oil contains the essential fatty acids that are crucial for brain health. How can you expect to think properly or be right emotionally if your brain isn’t in tip top condition! So you must make sure you supplement with fish oil every day. This is not just one of our standard “must do’s” for brain health, it is considered to be one of the standard treatments recommended by all experts in the natural health field. 

More Home Remedies for Anxiety and Stress - Exercise and Relaxation...

Exercise is one of the most powerful natural remedies for anxiety, bar none! I guarantee that if you’re feeling stressed, uptight, angry or anxious, doing a “but busting” workout will relieve those feelings like nothing else. You literally get to “take it out” on the gym, or whatever exercise program you’re doing. And the sense of relief you get after is amazing. You will also find yourself sleeping so much better (you’ll be stuffed!) but you will have more energy at the same time.

If you suffer from anxiety then we strongly recommend you join a gym or find a good quality group exercise program in your local area (boot camp is very popular at the moment). Not only will this help to relieve anxiety problems, you’ll become fitter and feel a lot better about yourself at the same time! 

You can also explore the other side of the spectrum of home remedies for anxiety, which are meditation, yoga and acupuncture. And don’t be put off by any of these techniques; they do work amazingly well!    

You can find a good yoga class or meditation class in just about any area now. However, if you’re really not comfortable with going to a class then you can easily purchase a book or DVD on these and do it yourself at home. With acupuncture, if you decide to try it then it is recommended you find a highly reputable practitioner. Don’t just go to anyone. Many people swear by acupuncture and say it’s a terrific alleviant, stress reliever and natural remedy for anxiety. So be sure to at least give it a try.

Home Remedies for Anxiety - Foods That Intensify Anxiety Levels...

Alcohol: Alcohol is probably the worst emotional wrecker of the lot. It can make you go from happy to sad to angry to depressed to angry to happy to sad… all in just 30 seconds!

The bottom line on this one; if you want to keep your anxiety levels relatively normal then alcohol needs to be kept to a minimum (or preferably not at all).

Refined Sugars: Ever seen what happens to a child when they drink red cordial or eat a packet of lollies? It sends them nutty! The reason is refined sugars interfere with brain receptors and cause abnormal brain functioning. And it has the same effect on adults as it does with kids, albeit on a lesser scale.

So as another one of your home remedies for anxiety, all refined sugary foods must be limited, or preferably, cut out totally from the diet. These include soda drinks (which are loaded with sugar), cakes, lollies, biscuits, ice cream, sweetened fruit juices, jams, jellies, etc. Yes I know I’m starting to sound like the party pooper here, but if you really want to get your anxiety levels under control then you are going to have to make some changes. There is no easy solution for this one!

Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners are the most shocking additives ever to have been allowed into our food supply. The two worst are aspartame and MSG. These “excitotoxins” overstimulate the brain, to the point of exhaustion. For anxiety sufferers, this is not good. You want to be able to calm your mind, not overstimulate it to death!

Any food or drinks that contain MSG or aspartame have to go. You are going to have to get really good at reading labels because aspartame and MSG are added to a lot of foods nowadays. Keep an eye out for artificial sweeteners 951, 950, NutraSweet, Equal and phenylketonurics. For MSG its flavour enhancer 621. 

Use These Home Remedies for Anxiety and Prosper...

Well, that ends this article on natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks. We hope you gain lots of benefits from what we've recommended here. Because anxiety and depression go hand in hand, we also recommend you take the time to read our “home remedies for depression” articles.

Just click on the link below for more information.                     

Good luck and all the best.

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