Top Tips for Reversing Grey Hair Naturally...

by Victor
(Port Harcourt, Nigeria)


I read about reversing grey hair on your site. I am quite pleased to hear that grey hair is reversible from the roots and would like you to help me reverse mine. Please, help me answer the following questions...

1. Does colloidal mineral supplement reverse grey hair from the inside out? How does it work. There are so many types I have seen on Amazon. Which one is the preferred type? Again, how do I use it?

2. Colloidal copper: Must one take Colloidal copper with the colloidal mineral supplement or can you take the later and leave the former?

3. Black strap molasses: What is the role of this in the whole grey hair reversal process?

4. Fo-ti : How can one take Fo-ti for grey hair reversal?


Hi Victor, and thank you for your questions regarding our natural remedies for grey hair article.

You've asked a few questions here so lets go through them one by one...

1. Colloidal mineral supplements help to reverse grey hair because of the nutrients they contain. They are rich in copper, iron and zinc, all of which are needed to reverse grey hair. They also contain good amounts of vitamin A and the B group vitamins, which are also needed for healthy hair follicles. When looking to buy a colloidal mineral supplement, find one that comes from the Humic Shale Deposit or Austrian Alps.

2. Yes you should still take colloidal copper. If you have grey hair then this is a sign of a serious copper deficiency. It's taken years for your body to be leached of copper so you will need plenty (and need to take it for some time) before you replace what's been lost.

3. The reason black strap molasses helps to reverse grey hair is because, once again, it is rich in the essential nutrients required for healthy hair follicles. Have a read of this article on the benefits of black strap molasses by my good friend Paul Fassa... How This Rarely Used Sweetener Can Improve Your Health.

4. Fo-ti really does work well for reversing grey hair, but you need to make sure you buy a good quality fo-ti. So stay away from the cheaper brands. Have a look at this website from another mate of mine, Ken Johnson. Ken tells you everything you need to know about the fo-ti plant and where and how to buy it... The Root of the Matter.

Remember this Victor, the reason you should be taking these herbs and supplements isn't just because you want to reverse your grey hair. Grey hair is a warning sign that all is not well inside of you so you should be "supplementing" for your overall good health as well as wanting to reverse your "greys".

Hope this helps.

All the best!



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Aug 25, 2015
Reversing Grey Hair
by: Victor

Hi Troy,
I appreciate your detailed response. I want to find out where I can buy the humic shale deposit or Austrian Alps Colloidal mineral supplement. Again, where can I buy the quality Fo-ti?

I would really appreciate if you guide me until my grey hairs are reversed from the roots. Looking forward to your quick response.


Aug 25, 2015
Where to Buy Colloidal Minerals and Fo-ti From?
by: Troy

Hi Victor,

You can purchase good quality colloidal mineral supplements (including colloidal copper) and even the black strap molasses from either Ebay or Amazon. They both have an excellent range. For the Fo-ti, you can either purchase this from "The Root of the Matter" website (click on the link in the above article), or once again, Amazon or Ebay both stock the Fo-ti herb.

Remember, this is a permanent lifestyle change Victor. You need to be taking these for your overall good health as well as reversing your grey hair.

Hope this helps you Victor.

All the best!

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